I already ordered a three-pack and am now ordering another three-pack because the BBT is so effective. I've tried the hot spoon technique, the apple cider vinegar technique but the BBT is the BEST ever.
Susan L
Buying Bug Bite Thing was the best choice for this Summer. My son bought it for me and can't thank him enough. It works, and has literally changed my life for the better. We have bought six more since then for family members and I keep recommending it.
Connie Z
I was out in the grasslands of Colorado yesterday and got bit twice by mosquitoes. By the time I got to my backpack the bites were starting to swell and get itchy like crazy. I grabbed my Bug Bite Thing and not even a minute after using it twice the itch was gone! And it's still gone after showering, shaving my legs and in general just doing anything that would have aggravated the bite before! No anti itch cream, nothing!! How have I ever survived without this thing!?!?! lol. It's a plastic miracle!!
Cheryl E
How did I not know about this thing before now?! It has become my crack! When I first saw it I thought it was probably a cream and dismissed it, but when I found out it literally draws the venom out of your body to stop the itching I had to have it. I couldn't wait to use it and I was relieved that when I did it worked. So much so, that I bought another one and now carry one around in my purse and diaper bag. I live in south florida and am always covered in bites...and I have two young daughters who also get bit, so this makes me so happy to know I can stop their itch too. My oldest loves it so much she pretends she has bites just so she can use it ha!
Brooke C
I met up with my family on vacation at Kentucky Lake, where this time of year mosquitoes are at their peak. Inevitably, no matter how much bug repellent or deterrent candles you light, you still get bitten, by what seems to be a strain of ill tempered Mosquitoes with the determination greater than the barriers in place. We put the "Bug Bite Thing" to the test!. My grandmother typically refrains from going outdoors, because when bitten will itch for 3-5 days. Not only did it keep us from itching from a few stray irritants, but it allowed us to make some more great memories in the outdoors!
Michael Murphy - Pro Fisherman
There were bed bugs, YES, BED BUGS, in my hotel room in Orlando. I woke up Wednesday morning to EIGHTEEN severely itchy bites on my arms, neck, elbows and back. I did everything in my power not to itch because I knew it would make the situation so much worse. I could not wait to get home from the event, and even cut the trip short a day. Fast forward 36 hours: I finally just walked in the door and the first thing I did after being gone all week wasn't kiss my new husband, play with the dog or settle down and drink a glass of wine, but instead I grabbed my Bug Bite Thing and pleaded with my spouse to suck the disgusting bed bug venom out of every single bite. Five minutes later and the pain and itching that has been driving me mad for a day and a half is FINALLY gone.
Linda M.
I was stung by a wasp at the playground, it was a really sharp, uncomfortable pain.  I wanted it to stop! I was concerned the pain would continue, or worse, get more painful.  I didn't want to move! Once I used the Bug Bite Thing, the pain started to fade.  It was a miracle!!!!  Good thing it was in my bag.  I will never leave home without it!
Samantha Gestal
My child suffers greatly for mosquito bites. There was nothing I could do for her other than smear chemicals on her skin. We used the Bug Bite Thing for all her bites and it gives her instant relief. She even brings it to me when she is itching.
Jackie Alberts
I can't believe how effective this product is! I used it on both of my kids and it actually worked! Wish I had known about it before instead of using creams to help bug bites. Awesome invention! You gotta try it - definitely a product that you will want to take with you everywhere!
Cibie Cahur - Realtor and Mother
I bought a Bug Bite Thing hoping it would really work and much to my surprise it DID! I live in Florida and get bit on a daily basis. The bugs here are angry and can bite through your long pants. I was driving home from work and got attacked several times by a big mosquito in my car. I used my Bug Bite Thing as soon as I parked and was able to stop the the intense itching and swelling before it really kicked in. I LOVE MY BUG BITE THING!
Elsie Binder - Business Owner