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Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate your product! It is simple, yet surprisingly effective. I can now confidently answer patient questions and whole-heartedly recommend the Bug Bite Thing in my practice. I appreciate the demo units you sent and have decided to refer patients who are interested in purchasing one to your website or an authorized online retailer at this time. We will be in touch if anything changes. Thank you again and please stay well!
Dr. Goetsch
First, we LOVE our Bug Bite Thing! My daughter was going through cancer treatment and her Dr recommended this due to the chemicals that are in so many other remedies! We ordered 2 more and gave them away to other cancer families. Something in their chemo makes them extremely succeptable to bites from gnats! I work at [a retail store] In the health department and I wish I could sell them for you there! When people ask what’s the best bug bite remedy, I tell as many people I can about your product!
Brianne U.
I would like to thank you for creating this amazing miracle tool! My son is severely allergic to mosquitoes and he has been nervous to get bit this summer because of the reactions he gets. Last night, he got his first bite and we used the bug bite thing and it didn’t swell or bruise or even bubble up! We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing he will get to go outside in the evenings and play! Thank you so much! We truly are very grateful!
Kinsey D.
APPRECIATION! I recently purchased your product, and to say I'm in love would say the least. I'm such an outdoors person. For some reason, Mosquitoes LOVE me though. It's so hard to enjoy going outside even for an hour without dreading a hundred bites I'm going to encounter. Your product has been such a game-changer, and It is relaxing knowing that I can stay outside as long as I want, without fear, because I trust your product! I'm telling all my friends about it as we speak! Thank you Bug Bite Thing! I love y'all!
Kate W.
I know that this doesn’t look like much, but it’s the real deal. Whether you are an avid outdoors man, a parent, a coach, or anybody; you need this device. I am a member of Battlbox, which is a monthly subscription box for hunters, campers, preppers, and the like. I received this tool and didn’t think much of it at first. While mowing grass, I got bit by a mosquito and a buck fly. I tried this device and was surprised at how well it worked and how easy it was to use. Then the real test came. I got bit by a spider. My arm started turning red and swelling up. Once I saw the bite mark I realized it was indeed a spider bite but didn’t know what kind. Well, let’s try the Bug Bite Thing again. Guess what? It worked just like it’s advertised. After about thirty minutes the redness and swelling where gone, as well as no itching. Everyone needs this tool. It’s simple and easy to use. I personally recommend this device for everyone.
Justin C.
Living in Florida with rain, mosquitos and a toddler is a night mare. Until I found this device. It has seriously saved my babe’s arms and legs. Considering she is mildly allergic to mosquitos and moderately allergic to ants, this is the best. I immediately use this and it is if the bite never happened rather than days and sometimes a week or more of swelling, potent steroid creams, allergy medicines, etc. This has been a life saver. I recommend this product to ALL parents and will be one of my go to gifts!
Alixandra D.
I can sit out in the patio with my husband and two year old and I’m the only one who gets bit. But not just once. Last night I had 5 bites behind my left knee, two behind the right, one on my lower back, and two on my shoulder. All within 20 minutes. This is a common occurrence. I haven’t found anything that works for me in preventing or helping afterwards so I tried this product skeptically. I used it yesterday for the first time and I am SO happy with the results. We were able to use it on all of the big bites and I haven’t had an itch since. This is like the miracle product I’ve been waiting for and I’m so glad I found out about it!
Tiffani G.
I’ve been getting eaten alive by mosquitos since I was a kid - literally always the one person who ends up with bites. I’m also allergic (I think?) because they continue to swell up for weeks and I’ll scratch while I’m sleeping which causes me to end up getting scabs everywhere. Well, I used this product yesterday when I got 3 bites and I got pretty much instant relief and the next day all that remains is a tiny red dot that doesn’t even itch. I love this product!!! I’m so happy I no longer have to suffer!
Shani R.
Amazing! Best $10 I ever spent! I live in a county where mosquitos are always in high numbers and they love my blood. I wear bug spray like perfume but still get bit. This saved me! It totally stops the itching within minutes! No more skin reactions, redness, unbearable itching, or creams. I can't say enough good things about it. I've got bit probably 20 times already and you cant even tell on my sensitive skin. Thank you!!
Ronnie T.
I can't say enough about this simple and smart product! I bought it last fall after hearing about it. I didn't really need it then and kind of forgot about it. Fast forward to last night. On my forearm, I had a bite that made me want to dig my skin off. I either get more bites than most or react more to them, and I have bug bite medicine with me at all times in the summer. Anyway, I remembered my Bug Bite Thing and used it for the first time. AMAZING...no itch at all afterwards! I washed the area with soap and water, and it is completely flat this morning with no itch. This is the product I've needed my whole life but didn't have...thank you so much!!!
Amy F.
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