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I ordered the Bug Bite Thing in December after watching the Shark Tank episode. I live in the Northeastern US and have not had to use it until the spring weather arrived. No matter what I do, bugs find me and to compound it I usually have an allergic reaction. I have tried numerous anti-itch creams and natural remedies through the years which treat symptoms but not the root cause. I ordered the Bug Bite Thing with skepticism but am very pleasantly surprised. I had multiple bug bites that I tried this on and the itching and swelling dissipated immediately! It works and without chemicals. I highly recommend!
Amazon Customer
All my life I've been a mosquito magnet. It really sucks. I bought a house that regularly gets mosquitos in the backyard and I'm in my own personal itchy hell when they come out. I bought this just to try it and OMG its the only things that has ever given me any relief. I'd say it works 98% of the time. I love this thing. I lost it and bought another one. I never want to live without it ever again.
Wedge G.
As a beekeeper who is pretty allergic to bee stings, I can say this little tool has made my hobby SO much easier. I suit up to work my hives, but nearly always get stung somewhere. Before I had the Bug Bite Thing, a sting on a finger meant ridiculous swelling right up to my elbow. I couldn’t use that hand for 2-3 days, as it would be so swollen I couldn’t close my hand. Now I use the Bug Bite Thing to suck out the venom ASAP (sometimes I can’t do it immediately, if I’m holding a frame full of thousands of bugs), and I’ve never once had that severe swelling reaction since. It really has been a game-changer to me. I’m back today to purchase another one, as the end cap in mine only lasted 2 years before developing a crack that prevents suction. I wish I could purchase just the removable end cap separately, but I can’t really complain, when the price is so affordable and the tool is so effective.
Sarah G.
Instantly stopped the itch...I was skeptical cause it's "just a hunk of plastic" but it really blew me away. My husband & son are both extra sensitive to bites and swell up. I've caught every bite the same night thus far and no itching or swelling the next day! Great to not have to coat my 3yr old in calamine or other chemicals AFTER being covered in bug spray lol
Savannah J.
I was really skeptical about this product but after a terribly hot, humid season leading to an abundance of mosquitos in my area, I needed more relief than minor itch creams like cortizone could provide. As soon as I get a bite I use this Littler Sucker and I already feel relief and save myself from 95% of itchiness. For added measure I use an alcohol wipe after every suck in case any bug toxins/venoms are released and pulled out. The adjustable size is perfect for larger and smaller bites in hard to reach places like between my fingers (yes, it's a terribly annoying spot) and for extra thoroughness (first using the large size, then the smaller one to narrow it down to the actual bite to hopefully get the toxins out). Overall, this thing is a miracle worker, I can definitely recommend these little suckers!
Andrew H.
I would give this product 20 ********** if I could. Carry one in my purse at all times to combat Hawaii’s critters who looooove to bite me. My kids are getting them for Christmas and I’ve told my neighbors about them. Works immediately. May need to repeat in an hour or two, but it’s quick and easy to do. Leaves a circle from the compression but that disappears in a moment and is better than scabs from itching. Slight pain involved-about the same as when you press on a bite with a fingernail to stop the itch. So very glad to have found this. Just ask my husband!
China Traveler
Saw this on Shark Tank and it seemed too simple to really work but intriguing enough that we bought it. We are kayakers and are outside regularly and get bites from mosquitoes and fire ants. So, once the product arrived , I was almost excited about getting a bite to see if it would work! Didn’t have to wait to long, and I used it immediately after a bite...and WOW! I was shocked. This thing really works! Recommended it to all our kayaking friends!!
Deb F.
I bought this during an itch induced madness. I was up all night scratching not one, not two, not even three hour FOUR mosquito bites. They were the worst I’ve ever had. I knew this couldn’t help those bites but ya girl was scared for future bites. So I bought it. Arrived fast. Just in time for two more bites. I’m attaching two photos. The ones with scary scans are from not using it. Idk if you can even tell on the other photo where the bite was!! Night and day difference. I forgot I had been bitten there. You do have to repeatedly use it — I used it on each bite 3-4 times for 30 seconds each. Obviously to me this is a minor inconvenience compared to such SWIFT relief! No scabs, no more itching. I keep it in my bedside table and would consider buying more just to have around. Thank you bug bite thing!!!
Samantha S.
I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times - so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm... I used this little tool (3 x per the instructions) and documented with photos.- immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump / bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!
Rebecca R.
I’ve never written a review before but i felt i needed to for this. I am allergic to mosquito bites and no matter how much i spray myself i still get bit. I saw an ad on fb for this and decided to get it because im desperate lol. Well i got it and used it and it actually works!! I get super swollen from bug bites and itch like crazy i used this and instantly the swelling went down. Depending on your bite you may need to do it a couple times but it really helps and works!!
Angel A.
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