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Our Story

A New Beginning

The thrill of moving to South Florida had us excited to experience a new community and environment. We looked forward to the sun, sand and fresh air. But one thing we weren’t prepared for were the bugs, especially the mosquitoes…It was affecting our desire to be outdoors because of the fear of being bitten.

I had just become a new mother and refused to use bug repellents, chemicals or smelly sprays on my family especially my baby. We were continually being bit and suffered from itching, swelling and stinging. We tried every home remedy on the Internet but didn’t find and any success with these.

The Spark

We started to do some research to see how other people combated bug bites in other countries.  We learned about a natural product which removed the bug poison from the bug bite, giving immediate relief. The product is very popular in Europe and Asia and has been around for over 20 years. So we ordered one and decided to give it a try.

And Guess What?

It worked! The product worked brilliantly at removing the poison from mosquito bites. It eliminated the itching almost immediately. We also learned that this simple extractor can be used on all types of bites and stings including bees, wasps, horse flies, ants, and spiders. 

After sharing our amazing results with our friends and families, we had everyone asking us about that “Bug Bite Thing” – and our product was born.

Bug Bite Thing is the best and easiest way to put an end to the itchiness, scratchiness, sting, and irritation that comes with bug bites. And yes, we’re now back outside enjoying the fresh air, sun and sand of South Florida.