We Keep Bugs From Ruining Your Adventures.

Bug Bite Thing® seeks to educate the world on more effective, chemical-free ways to alleviate the effects of insect bites and stings with innovative products that help our customers get back to doing what they love outdoors. Mix and match our tools and accessories, choose your colors and styles and make it YOUR thing.

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Suction Tool

Bug Bite Thing® is a chemical-free suction tool that alleviates the itching, stinging, and swelling from bug bites and stings by removing the insect saliva or venom left underneath the skin.


Tick Remover

The Bug Bite Thing® Tick Remover safely removes embedded ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement using our patented double-sided design for both people and pets.


Combo Packs

Pair a themed travel bag with the perfect suction tool color. With over 15 combinations, we've got a combo pack for every style, collect them all!

Our Mission Statement

To educate the world on a more effective, chemical-free way to alleviate the effects of bug bites and stings.

Bug Bite Thing is creating a buzz!

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Wondering if it Really Works? Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

For any nonbelievers, this really works! I have two, and I've gifted many to friends and family! We recently were on vacation in the Caribbean islands, and the 🦟 were in full swing. We were bit even having repellent on! We used this bug bite thing, and we had no itching or swelling within minutes! It's worth every cent and more!

Elizabeth P.

Thank YOU so much for making this thing!! It literally saved my summer. I appreciate the hole because, obviously, it was made for me to wear it as a necklace whenever I'm outside 😅. I rave about it to everyone. I think I need to buy more and tuck them everywhere so I'm never without one.


So, I am the biggest skeptic there ever was, and I decided that the small investment was worth a try even if it didn't work. I am so allergic to mosquitoes. They eat me alive, and every single one grows in the huge welts, and then the itch sets in… I will have at least a dozen, sometimes two or three dozen, no joke, they love me! LOVE IT, BUY ONE, NOW! ❤️ Thank you Bug Bite Thing.

Dawn L.

Best purchase ever!! Me and my daughter both attract mosquitoes like we are mosquito magnets and get bites that turn into welts. We've been using this tool, and it's life changing! I have never wrote a review or raved about a product before, but this one totally deserves it. Everyone in my family purchased one after seeing the results.

Tina G.

I don't say this lightly--The Bug Bite Thing has been life changing for me. Not exaggerating. My reaction to mosquito and gnat bites is intense, almost unbearable itching, which can last ten days or so. Now, I get to enjoy gardening without the dread or misery of bug bites because I keep these handy all around the house.


I was totally amazed!! My daughter has one and told me how well it worked. She had a co-worker who was stung by a wasp, and was able to help. I immediately ordered mine. Within two days of receiving it, I was bitten while in my bathroom 😲. I was surprised and happy, the itch stopped. Well done, inventors!!❤️

Cathe S.