What is the Bug Bite Thing?

Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin to help alleviate the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with bug bites and stings. When you remove the irritant, your body stops producing the reaction that is causing the uncomfortable symptoms. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated, not masked. 

What's inside?

Nothing! Bug Bite Thing uses suction.
No creams, chemicals or ointments to apply.


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The Bug Bite Thing is an easy-to-use suction tool that painlessly and effectively extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin to eliminate the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with insect bites & stings. When you remove the irritant, the body stops producing the reaction that causes the itching and swelling. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated, not masked.

Helps alleviate pain, itching + swelling caused by bug bites and stings
No cream, no chemicals + kid-friendly
Reusable, compact + lightweight

Mosquitoes - Bees - Wasps - Ants - Biting Flies - Splinters - & More!


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*Each one comes individually packaged - perfect for re-gifting. Sale is limited to 6 black units per customer and cannot be combined with other discounts. Valid while supplies last.*

what does it work on?

Mosquitoes • Wasps • Bees
Hornets • Ants • Splinters
Thorns • And More!

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What our customers are saying

I was a huge skeptic; how could a little suction cure this agonizingly itchy allergic reaction? I'll be honest. I still really don't know how it does, but it provides instant relief that no pill, cream, or injection ever has ever achieved for me. If you live anywhere where insect bites are common, you need to own one of these!

Amazon Customer

I get horrible allergic reactions to mosquitos. The bites always swell up, ooze, and itch uncontrollably for days. I was able to get one day delivery on this product, used it today, and finally have relief! This product sucked out a ton of liquid from my bite and there's no more itch. So thankful for this product for existing!!!


This is so worth it! My daughter always seems to get bitten by mosquitoes. She would scratch at the bites until they bled. This week it rained a lot and when she went outside for just 15 minutes she ended up with 7 bites. I used the bug bite thing and instantly she had no more itching and went back to playing.


Holy crap this thing actually works... Got a bug bite the other night and was excited to try this bad boy out and see for myself if it worked as advertised. And low and behold it stopped the itch, and I never once got the urge to scratch. Thank you for being the only thing that stop bug bites in their tracks 😊


My family is always getting bit where we live and this thing WORKS. I was skeptical at first, thought it was kind of gimmicky, but... it really does work! I used it on a few for myself and my daughter and the bite immediately flattens out and stops itching. If you're on the fence just get it, best invention ever!

Ashley Wear

OMG. I ordered this when I got eaten alive by mosquitoes this weekend. I just used it, and there is no more itching! I mean, ZERO. I'm sold, and I'm telling everyone to get one. By the way, I swear I'm a real person, lol. I fight these damn Kentucky mosquito bites every year, but no longer!