Real Stories

Bug Bite Thing really works! But we don’t want you to just take our word for it, we have over 75,000 reviews from customers just like you. Customers that have found relief with our suction tool and are sharing their experiences. Check out what they’re saying!

Brianne U.
"First, we LOVE our Bug Bite Thing!"

My daughter was going through cancer treatment and her Dr recommended this due to the chemicals that are in so many other remedies! We ordered 2 more and gave them away to other cancer families. Something in their chemo makes them extremely susceptible to bites from gnats! I work at [a retail store] In the health department and I wish I could sell them for you there! When people ask what’s the best bug bite remedy, I tell as many people I can about your product!

Justin C.
"It worked just like it’s advertised."

I know that this doesn’t look like much, but it’s the real deal. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, a parent, a coach, or anybody; you need this device. I am a member of Battlbox, which is a monthly subscription box for hunters, campers, preppers, and the like. I received this tool and didn’t think much of it at first. While mowing grass, I got bit by a mosquito and a buck fly. I tried this device and was surprised at how well it worked and how easy it was to use. Everyone needs this tool. It’s simple and easy to use. I personally recommend this device for everyone.

“This product does just what it says.”

This product does just what it says. Normally when I'm bit by a mosquito it spreads into a large welt that's extremely itchy for more than a week. When I used this product on mosquito bites, the itching goes away within seconds before it has time to spread. It truly works! I now keep it on me at all times and spend more time outside because I have this tool on hand.

Mandy S.
“ helps so much.”

Helped me with a bee sting! I'm highly allergic and hadn't been stung since elementary school so I didn't have an epi pen on hand. I used this and took a benadryl and it was enough to help until I could be seen by my doctor. I also have a bad reaction to mosquitoes and it helps so much.

Nikki H.
"This little Bug Bite Thing has been a Godsend!"

I live in south Louisiana AND am allergic to mosquito bites. What a combination, I know. And I mean allergic to the point where if there are enough bites, I have to take Benadryl. This little Bug Bite Thing has been a Godsend! When I go to the ballpark, it comes with us. The backyard, it’s there as well. It has literally become a staple in my household. They make excellent gifts as well! I LOVE IT!!

April R.

I was a little skeptical, but willing to try it due to the HORRIBLE bites I receive. It works!!! Kept swelling at bay and itching was only a little tingle occasionally. I now have one at home, at our beach place and in my purse.

Kinsey D.

I would like to thank you for creating this amazing miracle tool! My son is severely allergic to mosquitoes and he has been nervous to get bit this summer because of the reactions he gets. Last night, he got his first bite and we used the bug bite thing and it didn’t swell or bruise or even bubble up! We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing he will get to go outside in the evenings and play! Thank you so much! We truly are very grateful!

Andrew H.

I was really skeptical about this product but after a terribly hot, humid season leading to an abundance of mosquitos in my area, I needed more relief than minor itch creams like cortizone could provide. As soon as I get a bite I use this Littler Sucker and I already feel relief and save myself from 95% of itchiness. For added measure I use an alcohol wipe after every suck in case any bug toxins/venoms are released and pulled out. The adjustable size is perfect for larger and smaller bites in hard to reach places like between my fingers (yes, it's a terribly annoying spot) and for extra thoroughness (first using the large size, then the smaller one to narrow it down to the actual bite to hopefully get the toxins out). Overall, this thing is a miracle worker, I can definitely recommend these little suckers!

Anna M.
”Wow! This really works!”

Biting insects just seem to love me and I was skeptical when I ordered this item. OTC cortisone creams NEVER worked to calm the itching and inflammation; I've had to a get prescription strength steroid cream. But, the Bug Bite Thing really, really works! Within a few minutes, the irritation begins to ease up and that's the end of it! It truly does give relief.

Steve L.
“I keep one in my “go pack” for Search & Rescue Missions”

I have three of these! I was so impressed with how the first one I bought worked, that I keep one at the house, one in my car, and one in my “go pack” right next to the first aid kit for search and rescue missions. At any time I could be called to hike through dense woods for hours or even days at a time to search for lost hikers or missing aircraft. Sure, insect repellent is a must, but repellents aren’t perfect and they don’t prevent 100% of the bites. So, when you do get bitten, this little device is so much more effective than hydrocortisone it’s incredible!

Sarah K.
"Swear by this "thing!"

Completely changed my family's lives during spring/summer months! We have one in every medicine cabinet, backpack, garage & our boat too!

Dr. Goetsch
“It is simple, yet surprisingly effective.”

Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate your product! It is simple, yet surprisingly effective. I can now confidently answer patient questions and whole-heartedly recommend the Bug Bite Thing in my practice. I appreciate the demo units you sent and have decided to refer patients who are interested in purchasing one to your website or an authorized online retailer at this time. We will be in touch if anything changes. Thank you again and please stay well!

Debra Z.
“I LOVE LOVE this.”

It works so well. I have told so many people about it you would think I get commission. I get big welts from mosquito bites. I have all my life. If I use this I don’t get them nor do they itch. My husband used it twice last year for bee stings. He was so impressed he was telling his work buddies about it. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this works!!


This little device works better than any anti itch spray we've ever used. We spend a lot of time outside and get mosquito bites all the time. The sprays cost just as much but only provide relief for a few hours at best, if at all. The effects were easily noticeable within a few minutes with every single bite we've used it on and never returned. It works so well that we put one in each car and one in the medicine cabinet. They are so easy to use, the kids can do it by themselves! I'll never buy itch spray/cream for bug bites ever again.

Laura H.
“She went from tears to back outside in 5 minutes.”

I'm ordering more because I've given most of mine away. I kept thinking, "I have an extra at home." Then, suddenly, there were no extras. This thing is amazing. I am a regular delicacy for mosquitoes, and this has provided me with so much relief. Last summer my (then) 5yo daughter got stung by a wasp. She went from tears to back outside in 5 minutes with this tool. So simple, but so effective. Thank you for creating this.

Nicole B.
“THANK YOU for this creation.”

My middle son has been allergic to mosquito bites since he was born and last year we discovered he’s also allergic to bees and hornets when they sting him. I bought this hoping it’ll help until we get to the doctor and it has made such a difference in his swelling when he’s bit/stung! He doesn’t swell near as bad if we use this immediately. I even bought one for his daycare provider to have on hand for any of the kids there.

Brytt P.

I'm allergic to mosquito bites and usually get a handful if I step outside for a minute. This has been the ONLY thing to work and not end up with welt size bites that itch for weeks. I discovered this product last summer and keep one in my home, my bag, and my car. Forever with me. Thank you for something so simple that actually works.

Peggy G.

I love the Bug Bite Thing! I always keep in my purse! My grandson got a bee sting and used it right away and it took it out with no pain from the bee sting. I have used it several times for mosquitos and it works awesome! I bought each of our family one to take camping. It's a must to have!!