Mom on a Mission

The thrill of moving to South Florida had our family excited to experience a new community and environment. We looked forward to being outdoors in the sun, sand and fresh air. But one thing we weren’t prepared for were the bugs, especially the mosquitoes…It was affecting our desire to be outdoors because of the fear of being bitten.

I had just become a new mother and refused to use chemicals or smelly ointments on my family, especially my daughter. We were continually getting bit and suffered from itching, swelling and stinging on a daily basis. I tried every home remedy on the Internet but nothing worked. We were miserable.

I was on a mission to find a solution and started doing research on why bug bites itch and swell. I learned that the reaction to the bug bites occurs because your body does not recognize the foreign toxins under the skin. In turn, your body produces a reaction which can cause the itching, stinging and swelling. If there was a way to remove the poison from the under the skin, you could eliminate the reaction.  I started searching the internet in other countries until I found a product that could actually do this. I purchased it to see if it really worked and much to my surprise it eliminated the itching and swelling almost immediately. You could actually feel it working. 

Coming up with a name was difficult at first, until we realized we were staring it right in the face. “Hand me that Bug Bite Thing so we can think of a name” I would tell my Husband and Daughter – and our product was born. My new mission is to share my experience with other Mom’s and let them know there is a safe and effective way to treat insect bites and stings without using any harmful chemicals.