What is Bug Bite Thing®?

Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that alleviates the itching, stinging and swelling from bug bites and stings. How? It extracts the insect saliva/venom left behind under the skin. When you remove the irritant, your body stops producing the reaction. A chemical-free solution for bites and stings? It’s a thing!

Bug Bite Thing in use
Why is it different from other products?

Bug Bite Thing uses suction—that’s it! No chemicals. No creams. Just instant, lasting relief.

What is the Bug Bite Thing?

  • Chemical-Free
  • Instant, lasting relief
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Clinically Proven
  • Reusable
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

As Seen on Shark Tank, Bug Bite Thing is a chemical-free solution that instantly alleviates the stinging, itching and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. The reusable tool uses solely suction to remove the insect saliva or venom left underneath the skin. By removing the irritant, the body stops reacting. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated, not masked.

*All multi-packs come individually packaged - perfect for re-gifting*

Product Specs:
Dimensions: 4"H x 2.5" W x 1" D
Weight: 0.32 oz

Why is it different from other products?
Bug Bite Thing uses suction—that's it! No chemicals. No creams. Just instant, lasting relief. Did we mention it's reusable too?!
Mosquitoes • Bees • Wasps • Ants • Biting Flies
Splinters • & More!


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Mosquitoes, Wasps, Bees and Ants
what does it work on?

Mosquitoes • Wasps • Bees • Hornets • Ants • Splinters • Thorns • And More!

Bug Bite Thing is creating a buzz!

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Wondering if it Really Works? Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

I had my doubts but thank you for proving me wrong. Where has this been my whole life being a Skeeter feast everyday?? just got this and got a huge bite and in 20 seconds it was gone with 0 itch and no more swelling. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! 100% RECOMMEND!!! BEST thing ever!!!!

Meg D.

I thought there was no hope for me after slathering my 2 day old mosquito bites in calamine, and even lidocaine cream! I was waking up several times through the night due to the intense itchy reaction I was having. I didn’t think Bug Bite Thing would work considering the bites weren’t fresh. I was wrong! It took the itch out almost immediately. I cannot tell you how it felt to finally have consistent relief from the itching from the bites and pain I was causing from scratching. Thank you for this marvelous sanity-saving invention!!

Lidia N.

This thing is amazing. We bought one right before our trip on a whim and my son happened to get stung by a bee during our trip. My husband had the bright idea to use this on it and WOW. No swelling, no irritation from the sting - nothing. I’m so glad I found this product and recommend everyone have one in their first aid kits!

Phoebe W.

This bug thingee is the best!! We’ve used it for bee stings and it removed the venom immediately! We keep it handy as we lots of bees hanging by the pool. Thank you for coming up with this gem! All my friends have one now!

Margaret P.

I bought one of these at the beginning of the summer. Oh my gosh! It works!! I have never been affected as badly by mosquito bites like I was this year. I had a couple turn into blisters and then deep scabs. Once I used the Bug Bite Thing, I could actually see liquid come out of the bites. It was a life saver for me. I carried it with me every day! Amazing product!

Brenda F.

I was skeptical, but my grandchildren and I seem to attract mosquitoes and those horrible swelling, itching bites! Decided it wouldn’t hurt to try! I am so glad I did! It really works! I bought one for them and one for me! The kids love them! Thank you!

Lida P.