Keep Bugs Away on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just around the corner and we don’t want bugs to ruin the festivities. We’ve put together some tips and tricks that will help you and your family buzz back and enjoy the outdoors.

Doesn’t it seem like whenever you break out the barbecue, get the pool ready or set up the badminton set that the bugs arrive? No, you’re not alone - as soon as you get outside and start moving around, the bugs show up. This happens because bugs are attracted to the very things we like to do on Memorial Day or any other beautiful weekend.

Keep Water Fresh

One of the best ways to shoo flies and mosquitoes is to be aware of any standing water you have in your backyard. This includes rain water barrels, the kiddy pool, a watering can left out, or even your dog’s water bowl. Keep the water fresh and clean at all times. And don’t forget less obvious water collection areas like your rain gutters and birdbath - keep these clean. Mosquitoes in particular love standing water as this is where they like to breed. So before the gang comes over for a barbecue and game of frisbee, make sure you’ve done a water patrol in your backyard.

Protect Your Food

All types of bugs love an outdoor barbecue or picnic. Ants like to come by and look for crumbs. Flies and wasps like to sip your lemonade and sample your potato chips. Rather than flapping your arms to keep any unwelcome visitors away, the best thing you can do is keep your food covered. Use food wrap or some other kind of protective cover to ensure that while you’re enjoy some food and laughter this Memorial Day, the bugs are looking elsewhere for their fun.

Set The Mood

We want you to dig out your citronella candles and set a bug-free mood. Citronella is your Memorial Day and backyard friend, the oil in these candles masks the scents of human lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The warming scent of citronella will trick any buggy visitors into thinking that there is nothing going on in your backyard and you’ll be able to chill out and relax all afternoon and evening with your family and friends.

Eat And Drink

Garlic. Lemons. Red Wine. Hmm, perfect ingredients for a good Memorial Day. Roast up some garlic on the barbecue. Make some tangy and sweet lemonade. Enjoy some red wine (with moderation of course!). The thing is, mosquitoes, ants and flies can't stand garlic, lemonade or red wine. So enjoy some good food and drink and be confident that you’ve zapped the bugs!

Be Ready For Bugs

 Now, of course there are no guaranteed methods of keeping bugs away. All you can do is follow these tips and tricks and hope they work. So what to do if you do get some uninvited guests to your party? Well, be ready with The Bug Bite Thing. The Bug Bite Thing has your back, arms, legs, neck, hands, face and wherever else you might get bitten or stung. Free of chemicals and sprays, the  takes the sting away and lets you get back to the barbecue, kiddy pool and croquet set. 

Do you have some great tips and tricks for keeping the bugs away? Share these with us and the rest of The Bug Bite Thing posse on Facebook.

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