Making it Through 2020: Bug Bite Thing's Year in Review

As we close out the holiday season on this crazy year, our Bug Bite Thing team used the last few days of 2020 to reflect on many of the positive things that came out of it.

It’s been little more than a year since our founders, Kelley and Ellen, pitched investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and chose to make a deal with retail mogul, Lori Greiner, but 2020 didn’t offer any less excitement. From spotlights on the “The View” and in Rolling Stone, to our head mosquito magnet joining the Forbes Business Council, Bug Bite Thing focused on making moves to protect more people from the effects of insect bites and stings. We expanded our offices, brought on new team members and launched a new product, all with the ultimate goal of making sure you have more worry-free fun on your outings and explorations.

Besides each other and all of you, here is a peek at some of the things our Bug Bite Thing has to be grateful for this year.

1 new product launched:
The black Bug Bite Thing with a keychain holder!

#1 best-seller
for insect bite relief on Amazon

Nearly 200% increase in web visits

4 national consumer product and business awards:
Consumer World Awards – Gold
Best in Biz Awards’ Most Innovative Consumer Product of the Year – Gold
Stevie Awards’ Fastest Growing Company of the Year – Silver
Stevie Awards’ Company of the Year – Bronze

70,000+ digital “friends:”
25,000+ TikTok followers – all new in 2020!
24,000+ Facebook Likes
20,000+ Instagram followers

Nearly 40,000 reviews
… on Amazon alone!

Thank you for all your support in 2020! We can’t wait to share even more connections with you as we say “peace out” to this year and move on to the fresh new year of 2021. We have some exciting things in store for you, so we hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey.

Did Bug Bite Thing join you on your adventures this year? We want a recap of your hikes, travels, poolside hangouts and excursions from daily life! Show us how Bug Bite Thing followed along with you by using #SavedByBugBiteThing on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

If not, and the bugs still found a way to get to you, don’t fret. There’s still time to make it up to yourself next year. In the meantime, give yourself an end-of-year gift of relief with a new Bug Bite Thing suction tool.

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