3 Pests to Look Out for This Spring

Life begins to stir as the weather begins to warm after a long winter. Warmer weather also beckons the return of some not-so-welcome creatures: pests. While pests can pose an issue year-round, there is typically an increase during the spring and summer months. What type of pests make their appearance will generally depend on the geographic area and climate. However, there are a few common pests that are common nationwide that make an appearance once warmer weather hits. Here are three pests to look out for this spring.


If you notice that there are spiders in your home, it is an indication that there are other insects there as well since spiders tend to roam where the food is most abundant. While they may look scary, most spiders are not dangerous, but it can be difficult to ascertain which spiders are harmless versus those who pose a danger. To be on the safe side, keep spiders away and avoid giving them a place to hide by placing storage items in airtight containers on shelves. Spiders love to hide in piles of infrequently used materials, so denying them access to hiding spots will limit your exposure to them.


Most of the common types of wasps are found all over the US. Wasps tend to build their nests in places that are covered, such as under the eaves of a house. Outside of their painful sting, wasps can pose a danger to those who are allergic to them. If you see a wasp nest, you have the option of calling a company that can remove the nest for you. If you plan to remove the nest yourself, make sure to wear protective clothing and do the removal at night when the wasps are less active. If you are stung by a wasp, wash the area with warm soap and water and apply a cold pack. If you or a loved one show signs of an allergic reaction, (hives, difficulty breathing, etc.) seek emergency services right away.


Ants tend to make a resurgence during the springtime as they begin their search for food and other resources. To avoid ants, make sure to keep the indoors clean of exposed food or other items that may attract them. Caulking areas such as windowsills and exposed wall spaces can also limit ants access to the indoors. Cinnamon essential oil and baby powder may be able to act as a natural ant repellent, but ultimately the best way to discourage ants to do prevent them from getting in or destroy them at the source.

Knowing about the potential pests that may make an appearance during the spring months can help you be prepared on how to deal with them. Being proactive in preparing your home and family can help you avoid the irritation that can come along with certain pests as well the painful stings or bites that can occur when they are disturbed.

With spring comes bug bites. While the bites may seem inevitable, keeping a Bug Bite Thing on hand can help reduce discomfort. Order yours today!


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