3 Things You Need to Do at the End of Summer and Beginning of Fall

Whether you are ready for fall or sad to see summer go, there are things you need to do to start fall out the right way. From taking care of responsibilities to getting ready for school, you can end summer on a high note while getting ready to enter the next season. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Get Ready for School

The end of summer means getting ready to go back to school, and there are plenty of ways to make this transition easier. Start by learning your child's school schedule and talking to them about any concerns they have. Decide on the route you will take to drop them off and pick them up at school. Remember that traffic is slow in school zones, so you don't want to leave at the last minute. Try to visit the school before classes are back in session, and attend any open houses available so you can meet your child's teachers. Follow back-to-school safety tips to make going back to school easier. Returning to classes can be hard after a fun-filled summer, but you can help make it easier for your kids with a little planning.

Get Ready for Allergy Season

The beginning of fall may bring relief from the heat, but it also ushers in a new allergy season. Late summer and early fall bring ragweed, and ragweed releases pollen. If you are allergic to either of these, the beginning of fall can be a hard time for your body. Stock up on allergy medication, have tissues at the ready, and use hand sanitizer often if you can't wash your hands with soap and water. Take immune-boosting supplements if your doctor says it's okay, and shower off thoroughly every night to remove any allergens from your body and hair before bed. Allergy season won't last forever, but do what you can to be prepared while it is around. Taking a proactive approach can keep your allergies from getting more severe, which is especially important for people who have asthma.

Get Outside

Winter is great for some activities, but it can bring weather that makes getting outside difficult. Winter isn’t quite here yet, so get outside with your family while it's still enjoyable. Take one last swim, or go on a hike and have a picnic. Enjoy camping while the weather is temperate enough to make sleeping outside possible. If you do go camping, make sure to bring Bug Bite Thing to remedy any bug bites you might get. Simply soak up the sun while the days are long enough. While fall does bring its own sort of beauty, winter quickly follows. That puts being outdoors off-limits for many, so don't squander the time you have left. Get as much outside time as possible, and reap all the health benefits of being outdoors.

Start preparing now so that you will be ready for the colder weather as it’s starting to come. It might be a little sad to see summer days go, but it's best to take care of both the obligations and the fun while you still have the chance.

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