5 Fun Ways to Celebrate This 4th of July Weekend

Summer is here and so is one of the greatest outdoor holidays of the year. July 4th falls on a Sunday this year, meaning a lot of you get a long weekend with either the Friday before or the Monday after off work (or both!). Here are 5 fun ways to spend the holiday this year safely with family, friends and kids in all the hot summer spots you love.


Plan a patriotic road trip

Hit the open road Independence Day weekend and explore surrounding areas you may not have visited before. A quick Google search can get you a list of your state’s National Historic Sites. These can include historic houses/hotels, battlefields, forts, monuments and other landmarks with historical significance. If a historical city is nearby, do a little research and throw together a scavenger hunt for the kids.


Bake a flag cake

This one can be as easy as you’d like! Bake your favorite cake and have on hand red, white and blue icing. That’s it! Let the kiddos go wild on this one if you’re a parent. Red velvet cake is a great choice for its color, but any cake will do (extra points if you make from scratch!). Get sprinkles to make your cake unique, consider candles for stars to make it more exciting and get messy!


Find water

Whether it’s a lake, pond, ocean, whatever, the 4th of July always seems to be better by water. Bring some lounge chairs, an umbrella, a cooler with drinks and snacks and soak up the sun. Have a shoreside picnic with family while having fun splashing around. If the sun begins to set, have some sparklers handy to keep the party going into the evening!


Make water!

Want to keep your celebration closer to home? Bring the beach to your backyard! If you have a pool, awesome! Host a pool party with family and friends, fire up the grill, enjoy some flag cake. Inflatable pools are easy and affordable, but you can’t beat a good sprinkler session for the little ones if you’re getting back to basics. You can also get creative with water balloons, play garden hose tag or any other way to can make a splash in the yard.


Watch the fireworks

Sometimes you just need to walk outside and follow your ears to the nearest fireworks display. Check your local guides to see if your city is holding a public firework show. Bring a blanket if it’s located on a grassy lawn or some fold out chairs to get comfy. Earplugs are good to have on hand for anyone with sensitive ears.


Whether you’re staying close to home or planning a 4th of July adventure, you’ll most likely be outside, so be prepared. Be sure to wear sunscreen if you’re spending extended amounts of time in the sun. It’s also peak summer bug season, so keep a Bug Bite Thing with you to combat those itchy invaders. Keep one in your car, your beach bag, or your purse; you never know when you’ll need it! Most importantly, be safe and have fun. Make this a memorable 4th of July weekend!


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