8 Ways to Celebrate National Boys’ & Girls’ Club Day

8 Ways to Celebrate National Boys’ & Girls’ Club Day

The third Saturday of September is National Boys’ and Girls’ Club Day. Boys & Girls Clubs of America established this national holiday to highlight the importance of forming strong relationships with adults and children and what a large impact these bonds can have on a child’s life. How do you celebrate this holiday? It’s easy—spend quality time and have some fun with the kids in your life. Read on for some inspiration! 

Get Some Fresh Air and Head Outdoors
1. Get Some Fresh Air and Head Outdoors 

Go for a bike ride, hit the beach or lace up your boots for a hike. No matter where you head outside, getting away from technology and screens and spending time in nature is sure to be a positive experience.

More Outdoor Fun

Play Make Believe and Go on a Pretend Vacation
2. Play Make Believe and Go on a Pretend Vacation

Start by picking a fun destination. Pack your bags and pretend you’re getting on an airplane or hop in your car and drive around the block. Turn your living room into a hotel room or campsite. Visiting an amusement park? Use YouTube videos to simulate rides. The more creative the better!

Tips to get you started

Order Up! Pick a Recipe and Whip Up Something Tasty
3. Order Up! Pick a Recipe and Whip Up Something Tasty 

Whether you plan a special dinner or treat yourselves to something sweet, cooking is an excellent way to spend some quality time together. For little chefs, keep the fun going and play restaurant too! For big kids, sitting down together to sample what you made is a great way to keep the conversation going.

Recipe Ideas 

Designate the Day “Game Day”
4. Designate the Day “Game Day”

Get out all your favorite board games and grab a deck of cards. If you need some ideas, look up new card games to learn and play. For an even bigger challenge, brainstorm together and invent a game of your own!

Kid-Friendly Card Games 

Create a Scavenger Hunt
5. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Send your child on a hunt for clues around the house, yard, neighborhood—wherever! You can make this as easy or as hard as your child can handle, making this activity perfect for any age!

DIY Hunts Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Have a “Yes Day”
6. Have a “Yes Day”

Kids hear the word “no” a lot. But today, you have to say YES to them! No matter what the question (within reason). Set guidelines on things like safety and spending money before getting started.

Kick the day off reading the best selling book

Become Scientists for the Day and Conduct Experiments
7. Become Scientists for the Day and Conduct Experiments

Make a volcano erupt, mix up some Oobleck, test what liquids are denser…the options are endless!  Start each experiment making a hypothesis and then test your theory.

Science Experiments for Kids

Build a Fort
8. Build a Fort 

From boxes to couch cushions, you most likely have a huge supply of fort building material in your home. Create a blueprint for your design and get building. Celebrate your success by hanging out in your fort after for a story or snack.

Indoor and Outdoor Forts

Just remember, there is no wrong way to celebrate this national holiday if you are spending quality time with the kids in your life! Would you like to go beyond celebrating this special day? There are so many ways to get involved with the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of America, check them out!

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