How To Decrease the Pain of Wasp Stings

Yes, wasp stings do hurt. There is no way of avoiding the pain of a wasp sting but once you’ve been stung there are a few key things you can do to lessen the pain and soreness.

We’ve been stung a few times and have learned from experience what to do and what not to do. The main rule is to seek medical attention if you are or think you may be allergic to wasp or bee stings.

Stay Calm

Unlike bees, wasps do not leave their stinger behind in your skin when they sting you. This means that a wasp can sting you multiple times. Because of this, it’s extremely important to remain calm, a wasp typically only stings when it’s afraid and defending itself. If you start panicking, the wasp will become more agitated and could sting you again.

Remove the Venom

The best way to reduce the pain and soreness, is to remove the venom. To quickly and painlessly remove the wasp venom, use the Bug Bite Thing to extract the venom in a matter of seconds. With two easy steps, the wasp venom is removed from your skin and you’re able to get back to enjoying the outdoors. The Bug Bite Thing is a problem eliminator and this includes the hurt that comes with wasp stings.

Monitor for Swelling

It’s not uncommon for wasp stings to cause some minor swelling. Keep your eye on this and make sure the swelling remains isolated to the sting area. You can apply some ice to help reduce any swelling and to take residual irritation away.

Allergic Reactions

Some people do experience an allergic reaction to wasp stings. If you have trouble breathing you must seek medical treatment immediately. Other symptoms of an allergic reaction to be aware of include: hives or itching, dizziness, lightheadedness, or stomach cramps. If you experience any of these symptoms, do contact a medical professional.

Wasp Facts 

Here are a few facts about wasps that will help you better understand how and why they react the way they do:

  • When a wasp stings you, it releases a chemical that signals to the rest of wasp colony to attack.
  • Only female wasps can sting you.
  • Yellow jacket wasps can appear to be quite aggressive, this is because they’re protecting their nests.
  • Yellow jackets nests are food for racoons, skunks, and bears.
  • Wasps are attracted to yellow and white - so avoid wearing these colors when working in your garden.
  • Yellow jacket wasps build their nests on the ground, so when you’re out in nature, keep your eyes out for these ground nests.
  • Wasps will only sting if they perceive a threat.

Being stung by a wasp is an unpleasant experience but it definitely shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the outdoors. Remember to not overreact when you see a wasp and remain calm. Doing this will more than likely ensure that you aren’t stung by a wasp.

If you are stung, make sure you have your Bug Bite Thing handy so you can get instant relief by removing the venom!



  • Sam (a Home Builder And Remodeling Contractor)

    I was ripping out a girder (load bearing support) of a deck sitting on the second floor of a home, I had to sling a 20 foot ladder, climb to the top and take a hammer and pry bar to this board.

    When I ripped off the wood panel off…the whole back wall behind it looked like a honey comb covered in thousands of little brown bodied insects…they were hornets then saw the light of day staring face to face with me stuck on a 20 foot ladder at the top.

    I have never screamed like a girl before but just then…”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” waved hands of terror as I was stabbed by a hundred little needles of pain…the hum when I opened up that board. I should of known better.

    So now I buy specticide white hornet spray at Home Depot or lowes. Works wonders and it have saved my life since…Wish it worked on copperheads and diamond back rattlesnakes you find in the water meter boxes too…I wish I had that then…

    I’ve never seen that many pissed off things that sting and it was my second year of owning my own business. Boy was that a fun job.

    Lots of ibuprofen and benidyl is what I suggest.

    Be careful digging holes and finding ground bee nests to. I got lucky having a weed burner on hand the last time…but your not always so lucky gardening or laying out a driveway

  • Peggy Waterland

    I was stung buy a wasp around 10:00 am, it is now around10:00 pm, I am in a lot of pain, it was swollen I could not bend my thumb, but that has sobsided but the pain has not, I have iced it and have taken benydrl. What else can I do this is awlful, I had the stinger in me and the wasp was on my jacket, I think I accidentally smashed it as it was still on my jacket. I was saying ow ow ow getting louder and louder, when I seen it I thought it was a metal burr I might of picked up, but right where I had put my hand there was the wasp.

  • Ruby Anne Brown

    This happened to me at 5:30 pm it was my first time getting stung by a wasp I was panicking screaming crying my two toes went numb they went fat and red I don’t now if that means I’m allergic to it but I’m still in pain and it now 12:55 am I’ve been in pain for over 8 and an half hour so can you please get back to me thanks you Ruby Anne Brown xx

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