We’ll See You At The Playground!

Playgrounds let kids really be kids. Swinging from monkey bars, racing down the slide, discovering the teeter-totter, and digging deep into the sandbox - all add up to endless hours of fun outside.

To enjoy an afternoon or even a full-day at your local playground, you do need to think of a few things to pack with you, so we’ve put together a simple list that you can use when getting ready for a day at the playground. (Hint, print this out and leave it out for your babysitter, so he or she knows what to pack for a day at the local playground.)

Playground Essentials

All you need is a small daypack or shoulder bag and these key playground essentials and you’re ready for a fun day out with the kids:

  • Water and Snacks: you might get hungry or thirsty or the kids might. It pays off to be prepared with some easy-to-eat snacks and some water. There is nothing worse than a hungry kid, so packing some favorite snacks will help ensure a fun-filled time.
  • Bug Stuff: a mosquito bite or bee sting can spoil a trip to the playground very quickly. Remember to toss your Bug Bite Thing in your daypack. This handy-to-use First aid tool takes the itch, sting, and pain out of bug bites instantly by removing the venom left behind from a bug bite / bee sting. Put the smile back on your child’s face and rest easy knowing that bug bites don’t have to ruin your day at the park.
  • Sun Protection: it can be hard to get your child to keep his or her hat on, but this is a great way to keep your child protected. Choose a favorite hat or one that has a strap.
  • Wet Wipes and Bandages: kids trip and fall. It happens, this is all part of active outdoor play. With some wet wipes and bandages you can clean up a scrape quickly and get your son or daughter back out on the money bars.

Cool Playgrounds

Because we love playgrounds so much, we did some research and found some pretty cool playgrounds that you might want to put on your “to visit” list or plan a fun family vacation around:

  • French Park Playground, Plymouth, Minnesota: located in the French Regional Park, this playground features classic wood and rope structures. There is a large, connected system of web rope nets, tires, and wooden tires that let your kids jump, climb, and scramble.
  • La Laguna Playground, San Gabriel, California: know locally as the “Dinosaur Park”, this park has 14 concrete monster sculptures designed to allow your kids to slide, climb, and explore.
  • Riverview Park, Mesa, Arizona: imagine a 50 foot tall Genesis climbing tower, a 60 foot long caterpillar rope mesh climbing obstacle, a splash pad, and separate play areas for toddlers and older kids. You get this and more at this park.
  • Possibility Playground, Port Washington, Wisconsin: this park has it all and shows kids all the possibilities that are available to them. With 30 special pieces of equipment designed to spark creativity, imagination and adventure, your children will want to stay all day.
  • Westminster Center Park, Westminster, Colorado: this is more than a playground - it’s got a walking trail, plaza, amphitheater, playground, water areas, and big grassy spaces. Yes, at 9.5 acres you’ll need a few days to take in this playground. Check out the Neverwood Forest, the Darling House, and the pirate’s cove.

This is just a sample of some of the great playgrounds and parks that we have here in the United States. Wherever you live, there is playground nearby that can let your kids burn off some energy and have fun playing with their friends.

Remember to pack your daypack with key essentials, especially The Bug Bite Thing so you can be ready to buzz back when you have to. Do you have a favorite playground - let us know on our !

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