Bugs Funny: The 20 Best Bug Jokes and Memes

It’s about time bugs gave us a laugh instead of an itch or sting. If insects are getting you down, the Bug Bite Thing team is here with hilarious jokes and memes that will make you LOL.

We created a virtual joke book to lift your spirits the next time a bug gets the best of you. The list pairs perfectly with Bug Bite Thing to take the pain out of bites and stings. Share the funnies with your kids the next time they get attacked by mosquitoes and need to use the suction tool, or print one out as a card when you gift a Bug Bite Thing to a friend.

Top 20 Insect Jokes and Memes

  1. Hurry, everyone run to the car!

  2. For once, we wish we were ants.

  3. When it’s better to be the underdog …

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  4. We’re getting itchy just thinking about this.

  5. And they’re pests, just like your little bro.

  6. The world’s smallest violin, playing just for you.

  7. Sorry, not sorry.

  8. I’m gonna get you this time.

  9. There’s always one (or 10).

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  10. Would you like your usual?

  11. If you know, you know.

  12. Remember to breathe.

  13. Silence is golden, unless one of these is near.

  14. When every day is like a trip to Jurassic Park.

  15. We can’t let go of the grudge.

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  16. Will they ever learn?

  17. Mosquito love.

  18. You’re welcome.

  19. It can take a while to get used to a vegan diet, but in this case, we’re all for it.

  20. If only we could pollinate craft beer.

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