Summer Spotlights on Bug Bite Thing

We've been busy bees over here at Bug Bite Thing. As many of you plan to get outdoors more often this summer, our goal is to make sure you and your family are protected from the itchy wrath of mosquitoes and other insects.

It's not just us spreading the news! From summer essentials to ways to keep the kids busy this season, Bug Bite Thing is a hot topic around the nation lately. We're so thankful these outlets are helping their viewers and readers find a more effective, chemical-free way to alleviate the effects of bug bites and stings, especially now that mosquito season is in full force!

Catch some of the latest Bug Bite Thing reviews and features below:

"I tried the popular Bug Bite Thing seen on 'Shark Tank' - here's what happened," by Katie Jackson on


"Deals and Steals small business bonanza," with Tory Johnson on Good Morning America.


"This $10 Shark Tank Gadget Relieves Itchy Mosquito Bites Without Chemicals," by Jessica Leigh Mattern,

Bug Bite Thing on


#1 on "21 Products For Anyone With Sweet, Sweet Blood That Mosquitoes Love," by Elizabeth Lilly on


A Guide to Summer Mosquito Domination: No Bites, All Glory," by Elizabeth Buxton on Refinery29.


"End your kids' summer boredom with these fun ideas," by Tierra Carpenter on WISH-TV's "Indy Style."


"This $10 Product Painlessly Sucks Insect Saliva from Under Your Skin to Get Rid of Itching and Stinging," by Faith Brar on

"Summer Fun - Our Favorite Products," by Melissa Garcia on Consumer Queen.

"Staff Picks: 10 FSA-Eligible Must-Haves for Summer," on

Need another Bug Bite Thing to keep in your back pocket as you head out into summer? We've got you covered here.


  • Connie Zammit

    It has been my lifeline in summer……. Can’t nt imagine my life without it….. Saved me a lot of itching and scratching and sleepless nights 👋👋👋👋👋

  • Donna Aurand

    How long after the mosquito bite is the Bug Bite thing effective? Many times I am not aware of the bite until the next day. Then I have intense itching. The mosquitos love me. Thank you for a wonderful idea.

  • Marcia Bickford

    Has worked great on mosquito bites!

  • MIchelle

    I just bought one, it’s amazing how good it works. Thanks😁

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