Don’t Break the Bank With These $10 and Under Stocking Stuffers for Everyone On Your List!

Don’t Break the Bank With These $10 and Under Stocking Stuffers for Everyone On Your List!

We’ve got 10 stocking stuffers, $10 or less, that are not only affordable, but actually useful! Now that those stockings have been hung by the chimney with care, let’s start filling them up! Read on for the perfect gifts for everyone on your “Nice List”. 

Mini Games

  • Mini Games $8-$9.99

  • What It Does: From Operation to Boggle, the World's Smallest brand brings an entire line of your favorite games, shrunk down to fit in the palm of your hand. 

    Who It’s Perfect For: These games are fun for all ages. Perfect for tiny hands and on-the-go distractions at restaurants and on car rides for kids and a nostalgic throwback gift for adults. 

    Animal Cable Bite

  • Animal Cable Bite $6.00

  • What It Does: These cute animals are not just an adorable accessory. Attach them to the charging cable of your electronic device to reinforce it and prevent breakage.

    Who It’s Perfect For: Cable bites are great for kids and adults alike and can be used on any charging cable from cell phones to tablets to laptops. We especially love them for kids who can be a little less careful plugging and unplugging their devices. 

    Collapsible Metal Straw

  • Collapsible Metal Straw $6.99

  • What It Does: This kit comes with two collapsible straws and two collapsible cleaning brushes along with a keychain storage container. The straw and brush can be stored away and attached to your keys so you always have one ready. 

    Who It’s Perfect For: Anyone that wants to do their part and help the environment but still loves to use a straw to drink! With this keychain you can skip the paper straws that disintegrate and BYO when you’re out and about and need a beverage.

    Avocado Huggers

  • Avocado Huggers $4.99

  • What It Does: Preserve the second half of your avocado longer with this ingenious gadget that uses a tight seal to lock in moisture and prevent your favorite fruit from spoiling and turning the dreaded brown.

    Who It’s Perfect For: Anyone that loves adding this super food to their diet but doesn’t want to eat the ENTIRE thing in one seating. 

    Bug Bite Thing

  • Bug Bite Thing $9.99

  • What It Does: This handy suction tool instantly alleviates the itching, stinging and swelling from insect bites and stings. It’s reusable and chemical-free, making it safe to use on all ages. 

    Who It’s Perfect For: Anyone on your list that loves spending time outdoors and hates getting bites and stings! The tool is safe to use on all ages, even babies, so get one for the whole family.

    Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags

  • Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags $10.00

  • What It Does: Skip the stove top and whip up a grilled cheese right in your toaster! No flipping halfway through or mess to clean up after. Just gooey, grilled yumminess ready in moments. 

    Who It’s Perfect For: Anyone that has access to a toaster and agrees that melted cheese is a necessary food group! This is a quick way to make lunch on the go and you can get creative with how “fancy” the cheese you use is. Think Kraft american for the kiddos and smoky gouda for an adult twist.

    Cleaning Gel Dust Cleaner

  • Cleaning Gel Dust Cleaner $6.99

  • What It Does: This reusable gel can pull out all the yucky stuff like dusts and crumbs from hard to get areas on your keyboard, car vents, surfaces and more. 

    Who It’s Perfect: This cleaner is great for anyone that loves nothing more than a clean surface! Know someone that eats lunch over their laptop? How about a car enthusiast that wants to keep dust at bay? This is a must-have gift! 

    SCRATCH Nail Wraps

  • SCRATCH Nail Wraps $10.00

  • What It Does: Nail art has made a huge comeback and these little stickers make your nails look like you’ve just spent hours at the salon with an artist. They can be applied over a color base or worn on their own.

    Who It’s Perfect For: With a variety of designs and colors these stickers are for anyone that wants a top notch manicure without wasting time and money at a traditional nail salon. 

    Cooling Eye Mask

    Cooling Eye Mask $8.50 

    What It Does: Keep this mask ready in your freezer for cooling relief from puffy eyes, migraine, headache, or just to relax. The mask can also be put in a microwave if you prefer to kick back and enjoy soothing warmth. 

    Who It’s Perfect For: From tired moms to those that suffer from frequent headaches, these masks are ideal for anyone looking for relief and relaxation. 

    Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

    Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

    What It Does: Simply pop one of these all natural tablets into a water bottle or stainless steel coffee mug and watch the magic happen. The tablet dissolves and removes stubborn stains and smells, revealing a bottle that looks brand new. 

    Who It’s Perfect For: Gift these tablets to that friend or family member that can’t live without their favorite bottle or on-the-go coffee cup. It really will feel like Christmas morning when their bottle looks fresh out of the box again!

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