Five Fall DIYs to get you in the Seasonal Spirit

It’s officially autumn! From multicolored leaves and scents of the season, to plenty of pumpkins and spooky yet sophisticated décor, we’ve got all the fall feels over here.

Feeling festive, too? We shared all our favorite things about fall and now here’s your chance to make autumn your own. Our Bug Bite Thing team got together to curate a list of DIY projects to spruce up your home – inside and out – for the upcoming season and fall holidays.

Bug Bite Thing’s Five Favorite Fall DIY Projects

  1. Fall garland
    The best thing about this DIY is that it smells as pretty as it looks. The second best reason to embark on this do-it-yourself journey is that your creativity is what brings it to life. Simple garlands look gorgeous strung along a staircase, hanging from a mantel, or dripping down from the ceiling above a Thanksgiving tablescape.

    First, gather elements that remind you of autumn. Ideas include dried citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, fresh autumn leaves, star anise seeds, wooden beads, black pom-poms, pine cones, lace-adorned “ghosts,” bay leaves and sprigs of sage. This is all about the senses, so consider selecting a few key colors and scents that pair well together. Real leaves may be brittle once they’re dried, so if you are worried about cracking foliage, switch them out for faux red and yellow leaves.

    Now it’s time to piece it all together using hemp or twine. Pierce tiny holes in items like orange peels, leaves and pom-poms, and wrap the string around items like cinnamon sticks and sage. Follow a pattern for rustic elegance or allow children to string up the ingredients in the order they please.

    Need a little inspiration? We love this vertical twist on the fall garland from Life by Leanna.

    Fall garland by Life by Leanna
    Photo credit: Life by Leanna

  2. Jack-o’-lantern golf
    Pumpkin-carving is a seasonal staple, but it’s not often we put the jack-o’-lantern to good use before it rots away. Instead of solely sitting on the front porch, give your gourd a job in a game of mini golf this year.

    To get started, carve a pumpkin with a large mouth or an opening angled toward the bottom. For a longer game, get each member of the family or carving party to create their own scary or sweet hole on the course. Grab a few golf balls and putters (plastic toy clubs are welcome) and get ready to hit the links. If the terrain in your yard is not flat enough to keep the balls moving, we like the idea of adding a yard of felt draped out of the jack-o’-lantern’s mouth, as suggested in this tutorial from Eighteen 25.

    Jack-o'-lantern mini golf: Girl at the pumpkin patch

  3. Leaf suncatcher
    Liven up your inside space while also giving your neighbors a warm and cozy sight for the season with autumn suncatchers. This is a simple fall art project that is perfect for kids’ little hands.

    For a radiant suncatcher, collect the most colorful leaves you can find. Reds and yellows are a given, but the special finds are those in the midst of transforming from green to another warmer hue. Focus on shapes, as well as shades, to give it some variety. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some heart-shaped leaves to include, or you can cut them to your liking. While searching for your fall finds, be sure to keep the Bug Bite Thing in your back pocket, since insects likely didn’t get the memo about the change in seasons.

    The only other supply you need for this DIY is transparent contact paper. Lay down the contact paper – sticky side up – and put your artistry to work by arranging the leaves in the style of your choice. Once finished with your design, you can press it directly to the inside of your window. For a less sticky situation, sandwich the leaves between two pieces of contact paper before taping it to the window or hanging it from a piece of ribbon. Either way, be mindful of air bubbles, which can easily be smoothed away with a hard piece of plastic (like a credit card), when attaching it to your desired spot.

    Fall Leaf Suncatcher: multicolored autumn leaves

  4. Spooky snack board
    Charcuterie boards, dessert trays and brunch platters are all the rage right now. Both tasty and visually appealing, these party options offer variety and creativity all in one dish. We’ve seen snack boards themed to every holiday, so this year, create a creepy Halloween version sure to satisfy adults and children alike.

    To begin, pick your platter. Antique silver adds a gothic vibe while these celestial lazy Susans from Cosmic Creativ are out of this world. A simple butcher block will also do the trick as it puts the focus on your treats.

    To prepare your snack board, choose an array of finger foods. We like to mix homemade goodies with simple bites in fall colors and flavors. Consider noshing on ants on a log, olives, deviled eggs, candy corn, gummy worms, PB&J spiders, grapes, carrot sticks, guacamole, pumpkin seeds, mummy hot dogs and other monster treats.

    Spooky snack board: candy corn with a Bug Bite Thing

  5. No-carve pumpkins
    If pumpkin guts are not your thing, have no fear. No-carve pumpkins can be just as cute or spine-chilling as their sculpted counterparts. Even better, they tend to last a bit longer into the season and can easily transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving, depending on your chosen design.

    The options for decorating this vined fruit are endless! Painting is an easy direction for kids, which can result in adorable fingerprinted pumpkins like these from Handmade Charlotte. Découpage is a crafter’s best friend, and this feathered creation is chic enough to decorate a seated dinner while also straightforward enough for children to make. If you prefer a less messy project, pom-pom pumpkins like these from Design Improvised can brighten up any room.

    No-Carve Pumpkins: Pom-pom pumpkins by Design Improvised
    Photo credit: Design Improvised

Which fall projects are you going to try? Share your creations with us by tagging @bugbitething in your photos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, plus get even more autumn ideas on Pinterest.

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