Father’s Day Done Right


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and boy is Dad ready to stretch his legs. After nearly a year spent indoors, it’s time to cure cabin fever with some quality outdoor fun. Whether it’s for your father, your hubby, or yourself, we’ve put together a short list of pops-approved activities that are sure to make this 2021 holiday one to remember.


Go fish

Fishing doesn’t have to be a boring, solo sport! Stop by the bait shop and ask for recommendations; they know what they’re talking about. Take Dad to his favorite fishing hole, or just look up nearby lakes, piers, or waterways (you’ll have the best luck in water with a current). Pack a Bluetooth speaker to play some tunes (softly), take some nice photos, enjoy the outdoors, make some memories!  If you want to take some of the guesswork out of his fishing fun, check out this smart fish finder that acts as a bobber AND pocket sonar.


Take flight

…flights of beer, that is. Host your own backyard beer flight tasting! Consider his taste and put together a selection of different styles of beer. Pick a lager, a porter, maybe a brown ale, an IPA if he has a more experienced palette, or a stout for a well-rounded selection. Snag a sleek sampler set to make it official. Love the flavor, but not a fan of the buzz? You can still “hop” on the beer train with some outstanding nonalcoholic ales.


Golf on

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a golf pro to enjoy the open spaces and almost meditative mindset the sport inspires. Leave Dad out of the details: you set the time and place, gather the gear and clubs, and spring the surprise on him in the morning. He’ll love the caddie service and the surprise (you can also whiff a couple shots to boost his score). If you’re not the country club type, set up your own tournament with this awesome putting green!


Fired up

Light up that grill and have a well-done dad day. There’s so much more you can do around the BBQ besides steaks and burgers (did you catch any fish earlier?)! Do something different on the grill for Dad; make grilled pizza, fire up some desserts, or get really creative with these uncommon meals made over fire. Make sure you’ve got the right barbeque tools to flip, stab and serve whatever you two cook up.


Jam out

Can’t make it to see your father in person this year? Make him an unforgettable playlist! Gather together artists and tracks you know he loves (dig down deep into those memories for inspiration!); ask friends and family if you’re drawing a blank on his favorite bands. This is an incredibly easy and surprisingly meaningful gift. Dad just wants to press play and forget it all, and you can give him that with a personalized list on Spotify or from your own collection.


Father’s Day is such a versatile holiday because it’s in the heat of summer. Get outside if you can, stretch those legs together, enjoy the sun. And if you get bit or stung by bugs along the way, you know your Bug Bite Thing will kill the itch immediately!


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