Father's Day Gift Guide: Tools and Gadgets Dad Really Wants

Take it from the dads of Bug Bite Thing: they love the photo frames, ties and socks with the kids’ faces on them, but what Pops really wants for Father’s Day is a meaningful experience with his family.

So how do you gift a memory-in-the-making? We found 10 innovative and incredibly useful products for the main man in your life, plus the fun experiential ideas you can use to put these tools to work together as a team.

For the guy looking to outdo his neighborhood “rival dad” with his new gadgets, to the padre who’s balancing WFH life with toddlers in the background of his Zoom calls, here is the Father’s Day gift guide he wants you to see this year.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Celebrations for the Cool Dads on our List:

  1. Sea-Foodie: Toadfish Outfitters Coastal Kitchen Collection
    Breakfast in bed sounds great in theory, but let’s face it…those charred half-cooked pancakes from the kids probably aren’t exactly what Dad hopes to eat on Father’s Day. Instead, give a chance to create his own seafood feast with help from Toadfish Outfitters’ crafty, convenient and quality shellfish tools, like the Put ‘Em Back Oyster Knife, Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner and Toadfish Crab Cutter. It’s probably best the little ones sit this one out with all the pointy objects involved, but the whole family will enjoy the results of this gift. Even better, for every product sold, they replant 10 square feet of oyster beds, so you’ll be dining sustainably.

    Photo credit: Toadfish Outfitters

  2. Camping King: Suds2Go
    Whether you choose to take him to a campsite in Zion National Park or set up a tent in your backyard, Suds2Go is a thoughtful gift for the guy on the go. Created by a fellow father, this water bottle-meets-handwashing system is mobile, refillable and more efficient than hand sanitizer. It’s a waste-conscious present he will be proud to show off to fellow campers, but also just as excited to keep in his car for washing away germs when he leaves the soccer field or goes to the store.

    Photo credit: Suds2Go

  3. The Great Gamer: Felix Gray Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    It may be tough to buy for the gaming dad who pre-orders Final Fantasy VII before you have the chance wrap it up. Instead of focusing on a new title or console, get him something to enhance his gaming experience while he battles it out with the kids over Fortnite. For instance, Felix Gray offers glasses he can use for both work and play. The brand specializes in “sleep” lenses that filter blue light and eliminate glare, which are said to reduce digital eye strain and even lead to better shut-eye. Plus, whether he’s the Clark Kent or Rivers Cuomo in your life, there are some pretty attractive frame choices, though we’re partial to the classic Volta.

    Photo credit: DJI

  4. Surfer Dude: Mafia Bags
    You know him – the rad dad with the sun-kissed skin and salty hair who takes his kids surfing. Instead of another pair of daddy-and-me matching baggies (which is still a pretty cute idea), how about a functional yet stylish bag for his wetsuit? Mafia Bags come in a range of designs and colors to meet various lifestyles, and are created from upcycled kite sails, repurposed wetsuit material and salvaged climbing ropes. We’re especially digging the Deep Blue Bag with technical features like water-resistant pockets and a bottom loop for easy drying. The price point on this one is a bit higher, but it will be worth it when the fam is packing up to leave the beach.

    Photo credit: Mafia Bags

  5. Craft Beer Buddy: BrüMate
    If hitting up breweries and standing in line for crowlers of the latest hazy IPA release is his thing, BrüMate should be your go-to gift. There are a ton of portable pint glasses on the market, but the Hopsulator TRiO 3-in-1 takes it to another level. Claiming to keep drinks 20 times colder than standard can coolers, this baby fits 16-oz. craft cans plus comes with an adapter for 12-oz. cans and can also transform into a 16-oz. pint glass. We have a good feeling this present is a perfect match for a backyard barbecue and pool day with your grill master.

    Photo credit: BruMate

  6. Fishing Father: Line Cutterz
    This one’s easy: plan a day on the water. From a jon boat on the serene lake, to a fishing yacht over the deep depths of the ocean, to a grassy spot near the neighborhood canal, we’re betting this papa will enjoy a day teaching his kids to fish. Include a few inexpensive gifts from Line Cutterz to unbox, which will make the activity easier for him and safer for children, thanks to rings that cut fishing line or securely hold hooks in place. As seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank” like us at Bug Bite Thing, this father-founded and family-run business knows your time should be spent on the action rather than the setup. Luck is unfortunately not included with this fishing essential, but here’s hoping they’ll catch dinner too!

    Photo credit: Line Cutterz

  7. Real Rocker: Nomodo Sound Collar
    For the man who can’t be a moment without his music, we gotchu. Sure, AirPods might be all the rage, but between the easy-to-lose buds and never knowing whether he can hear you, they may not be practical for Daddio. The Nomodo U Wireless Wearable Bluetooth Speaker sits comfortably around his neck to take the strain off his ears or head. The high quality sound will remain in his personal space without compromising his ability to hear what’s going on around him, so give him the opportunity to rock out to GNR, Tupac or even Lizzo while you go for a hike as a family. And its uses extend beyond tunes of course, so he’ll also be able to catch his favorite podcast or take his conference calls in style.

    Photo credit: Nomodo

  8. Car Fanatic: Scrub Daddy
    Yes, we know it’s a sponge, but hear us out on this one. This versatile cleaning tool is awesome for all kinds of uses, but all you really need to know is Scrub Daddy offers safe, scratch-free scrubbing for your man’s other pride and joy: his car. Grab a few of America’s favorite sponges, round up the crew and get outdoors for the gift of an at-home car wash while dad sits back to relax or joins in the splashy fun. Bonus: “Daddy” is in the name! How could you go wrong?

    Photo credit: Scrub Daddy

  9. Instagram Dad: DJI Osmo Mobile 3
    The dad who is behind the camera for all the kids’ “firsts,” duck faces and candids deserves to have his time in the spotlight too. Help him feel the love this Father’s Day with his own portable steady cam. Budding and experienced photogs both hype the Osmo Mobile 3, a gimbal made for the phone to transform mobile video. Easy to use with single-handed control, this new technology shoots from any angle and even has a sport mode to capture dynamic movement. So what’s the experience side of this gift? We’ll leave that one up to you, depending on what you want on video…

    Photo credit: DJI

  10. Ultimate Outdoorsman: Bug Bite Thing
    Does Dad trek the hills near your house? Play in his local softball league? Take pride in his landscaping? Mountain bike? Coach his kids’ sports teams or lead the Scouts? If you answered yes to any of the above – or if he spends any time outside – we’re sure he needs a Bug Bite Thing. Father’s Day falls at the beginning of mosquito season, so this convenient and reusable little suction tool is necessary for any outdoor activity you want to plan for the day…or throughout the summer, for that matter. This jack of all trades will want it in his back pocket (or that Mafia Bag we mentioned above) to provide quick relief when he or his children encounter a mosquito, bee, hornet, wasp or even a splinter. At less than $10 apiece, you’ll have money left over to plan a pretty cool outdoor excursion to pair with it.

    Photo credit: Bug Bite Thing

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