First Aid Kit Essentials for Home and the Outdoors

First Aid Kit Essentials for Home and the Outdoors

Spring safety essentials, first aid supplies, emergency preparedness kit, boo boo box … whatever you call it, it’s time to build it.

First aid kits are important all year round, but as we enter the spring and summer seasons, more outdoor activities tend to open up, paving the way for more bumps, bruises and cuts. Add to that the possibility of more mosquito bites, bee stings and sun burns, and well, you will want to be prepared whether you are in doors, on the road or on foot.

Our Bug Bite Thing team curated our top picks for the 12 items to have in your first aid kit. Not only are these health and safety must-haves functional, but they are cute, chemical-free and travel-friendly for the moments when you want to pick up and head out without scrambling to pull everything together.

  1. An array of bandages
    Welly offers a ton of cool colors, prints, sizes and shapes (think ombre, unicorn, dog and space themes!). For a first aid kit, we like this family pack, but there are other options that come with their own storage tin.

  2. Hand sanitizing wipes
    These naturally derived wipes from biom are effective on hands and bacteria-prone areas, plus they are made with organic aloe and essential oils to soothe your skin and your senses. Our favorite part? They are 100% plant-based, biodegradable and compostable.

  3. Sterile gauze
    This medical-grade, pure cotton 12-ply gauze from Intrinsics Naturally might not look fancy, but it’s often used in facials and gentle on skin.

  4. Tape roll
    Why be boring when you can have fun with your medical tape? Originally created with the intent of proudly showing off feeding and oxygen tubes, A Simple Patch designs medical tape in a range of fun prints to spruce up a first aid kit.

  5. Blister wool
    You’ve probably heard of blister pads, but did you know wool has natural properties that provide cushioning, wick moisture and reduce friction? Wūru® wool is great for preventing blisters but can also provide extra support when there is already one bugging you.

  6. Bug Bite Thing
    Bug bites and stings can’t get you down. Now with multiple colors to choose from, you can choose one to match your kit and your style as you give yourself – or someone else – instant relief by suctioning the insect saliva or venom. Bonus: it also works great on splinters! Grab one of the travel bags to keep it clean inside your kit.

  7. Tweezers
    These mini travel tweezers from Tweezerman are small enough for travel yet easy to keep track of because of the storage case. And the tool comes in rose gold? Yes, please.

  8. Scissors
    Surgical-grade, stainless steel scissors are handy to keep in a first aid kit to cut gauze, tape or cloth, if needed, and we love the colors and designs from Prestige Medical (we’re partial to tie dye tropical reef!).

  9. Thermometer
    If you fear a fever, you’ll want to have a thermometer on hand. Safety 1st’s 3-in-1 nursery thermometer is tried and true, plus has a cover to keep the end protected.

  10. Gloves
    While these may not be the most stylish gloves we’ve ever seen, this two-pair box of sterile gloves is perfect to pack along with your first aid supplies.

  11. Washable cotton swap
    We love products that solve a problem. The LastSwab is a reusable and sustainable alternative to cotton swabs and come protected in their own case. We recommend adding a couple to your kit so you can switch them out once used.

  12. Carrying case
    Easy to spot with the first aid symbol on it, this waterproof organizer comes in green, pink and grey with an extra pocket bag for on-the-go safety supplies.

Extras: If you have a little more space or are keeping this in one place at home, a few bonus items include aloe vera and medical grade manuka honey for skin irritations and burns, coconut oil in place of lip balm and creams, ginger lollipops for nausea, and a lavender pouch stored in your freezer for bruises that pop up.

With these 12 items, you’ll be set for almost any bump along the road (or in the house). Follow @bugbitething on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for even more tips!

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