Four Ways to Get Your Child to Unplug

You may feel like your child's world is saturated with screens. Phone screens, computer screens, and television screens dominate so much of kids' time that it's normal for parents to want to help their kids unplug. Here are some simple ways to make unplugging easier.

Help Them Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill away from a screen can motivate kids to stay unplugged for a bit. Sign your child up for classes that they are interested in and let them start learning something they enjoy. Remember that the first class you enroll your child in may not be the perfect fit. Be open to letting your child switch classes if they don't enjoy the first one chosen. Helping them learn a new skill should be fun, so make sure it doesn't feel like a punishment. Let them explore until they find what they love.

Update the Yard

Getting kids outside is a great way to keep them away from screens. In order to do this safely, update your yard with kids in mind. Keep your yard mowed and tidy, and make sure there are things for kids to play with outside. Educate your children about the pests they may encounter outdoors so they will know to stay away from them. It's also important to know what you can about bugs and pests. If you educate yourself on signs of infestation, you'll be able to keep your yard more inviting. Wasp control is especially important in areas where kids will be playing.

Sign Up for a Library Card!

Giving a child a library card is like offering them a pass to a million new worlds. Libraries contain tons of books and resources that can entertain kids and help them discover new hobbies. Libraries also offer programs for the community, so kids can attend workshops and storytimes and interact with other children. More than anything, a library card encourages a child to read. This builds creativity and imagination and lessens dependence on screens.

Be the Example

If you want your child to know the benefits of unplugging, show them with your own example. Make sure your child sees you unplug. It's also important to set limits on your screen time so your child will learn the importance of doing the same. Actions speak louder than words, so make sure you are modeling what you hope to see.

Screen time is not all bad, but if your child is plugged in too much, you should probably do something about it. If you’re having difficulty getting your child to unplug, the above tips are all great ways to get started. 

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