How Does it Work? Bug Bite Thing Features and Frequently Asked Questions

“Does the Bug Bite Thing really take away the itch?”

“But how does it work?”

“Is it easy to use?”

“I’m skeptical … is it just a gimmick?”

This is a sample of some of the questions we hear every day at the Bug Bite Thing office. To answer your questions – and hopefully surprise you with some of the Bug Bite Thing’s bonus features at the same time – we compiled a list of FAQs with all the details.

Common Questions About Bug Bite Thing


Is it a gimmick … how does the Bug Bite Thing work?
Bug Bite Thing is an easy-to-use suction tool that removes saliva and venom from bug bites and stings in three easy steps. When the irritant is removed, the body stops producing the reaction that causes the uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, swelling and pain. For more information on how it works for real users, check out these Bug Bite Thing reviews.

How quickly do I have to use the Bug Bite Thing after a bite or sting?
Best results are achieved when the device is used as close to the noticed bite as possible. The longer the irritant stays in the body, the more time the body has a chance to react to it. Because of this, we always recommend keeping multiples on hand in your purse, glove-box, backpack, etc.

Why does the cap come off?
The removable cap offers two size options for bites and stings. Flip the cap to reveal a smaller area of suction, which can be used on places like fingers and toes, which is especially helpful for usage on children. The cap is also removable for easy cleaning.

Is it painful to use?
No. The user has complete control over the amount of suction used, so it should never be painful.

How do I know if it worked?
You can feel it working. The Bug Bite Thing doesn’t mask symptoms; it removes the irritant that causes them in the first place. The itching, swelling and discomfort will start to disappear while using it, which is one of its best features!

Can I use the Bug Bite Thing on my face?
Because the skin on the face and neck is more sensitive, we do not recommend using the Bug Bite Thing there. There is a higher risk for the tool leaving behind a mark in these areas.

Why did I get a “hickey” from it?
If a mark is left after using Bug Bite Thing, the user is likely applying too much suction (pulling up the handles too high) or holding it in place for too long. The user has complete control over the amount of suction. Some areas on the body have thinner skin, so they require less suction or a shorter duration of use. If using the Bug Bite Thing on children or sensitive areas, initially try using the tool at a maximum of half-strength or for no more than 10 seconds. Users can then increase the strength or duration, as needed, or repeat the process to achieve relief. Less is more until the user is familiar with the tool.

Can I use the Bug Bite Thing on children?
Yes, you can use the Bug Bite Thing on children! Bug Bite Thing is safe for everyone to use and parents have complete control over its suction. Since it is a suction device without “ingredients,” it is a non-toxic, chemical-free method to provide relief from insect bites and stings. For more information on the best way to use it on children, check out our blog post that outlines tips for usage with kids.


Is it good to use Bug Bite Thing on bites or stings if I am allergic to the venom from certain insects?
Although the Bug Bite Thing may help, in the event of an allergic reaction, severe bite, or infection, seek medical attention immediately.

Does it work on spider bites?
While the Bug Bite Thing works on some spider bites, we do not recommend using it on brown recluse or black widow bites, which should instead be treated as a medical emergency and you should seek medical attention immediately.

Does it work on snake bites?
The Bug Bite Thing is not for use on snake bites. Please seek immediate medical attention in the event of a snake bite.

What do I do if the stinger is still attached to my skin?
In addition to using the handles to create suction, the handles are specially designed to scrape out a bee stinger left in the skin. Never try to pull the stinger out, as the action may push more venom into the skin. Simply flick off the stinger with the scraper and follow immediately with suction.

Does it work to remove thorns or splinters?
Yes, the Bug Bite Thing has worked to remove thorns and splinters! Some users are surprised to find out the Bug Bite Thing is beneficial for splinter removal. The suction can help bring splinters and thorns to the surface of the skin for easy removal. This is convenient for children who may be afraid of tweezers.


Where can I buy a Bug Bite Thing?
A Bug Bite Thing suction tool can be purchased directly through, which includes free shipping. Purchasers can also get a hold of it through Amazon, where it is the number one-selling tool for insect bite relief, as well as through other online retailers. Those who wish to buy via brick-and-mortar can use the Bug Bite Thing store locator to find a CVS Pharmacy or other nearby shop.

Is the Bug Bite Thing reusable?
Yes! This is one of the best perks about Bug Bite Thing. Because the tool uses suction rather than other ingredients, the durable device can be used again and again. It’s a one-time purchase, though we recommend stocking up so you can keep one close at all times (think about the medicine cabinet, purse, car, beach bag and more).

How do I clean the Bug Bite Thing?
The Bug Bite Thing is as easy to clean as it is to use. Remove the end cap and wash it with soapy water or alcohol between uses. Avoid getting the pump portion wet to prevent the tool from losing its suction ability.

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  • KAthy aStorino

    I love it Something really works. Oh I love it I wish I didn’t have to use it because there’s so many mosquitoes but it works.

  • Debbie Neuman

    What do you do with the venom after it sucks it out…where does it go…inside the tube ??

  • Evelyn Testa

    I bought 3 of them. I gave one to my daughter & I used one. Neither one of us had any luck with it. We used them soon after being bitten .

  • JOan ROoten

    I do like it! It really works to stop the itching! The only down side is reaching the bites that are on my backside. If I can reach it, it works great.

  • JOan ROoten

    I do like it! It really works to stop the itching! The only down side is reaching the bites that are on my backside. If I can reach it, it works great.

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