How Instant is Instant Bug Bite Relief? Hows & Whys of Mosquito Bites

What's Out There?

Most home remedies and DIY approaches to bug bite and sting relief use chemicals or bizarre and often ineffective methods. Some swear by the hot spoon provides mosquito bite itching relief, but we have not had success trying this method.

Aloe vera has been suggested to use on burns, scrapes, bites, and other skin afflictions. Though it is a natural and soothing approach, constantly lathering up for a post-bite slime session every time we got bit soon proved to be messy, uncomfortable, and impractical.

Strong spray repellents are suggested for occasions where you know you will be in contact with aggressive bugs. But no matter what you do, it is a near guarantee you are going to get bit! Stop worrying about your toddlers accidentally putting their hands covered in chemicals in their mouths, and equip yourself with our Bug Bite Thing suction tool. Remove the saliva or venom from underneath your skin immediately after getting bit and feel instant relief.

 Bug Bite thing being used on child

Wait, mosquito saliva?? Let's take a little dive into why we itch!

Mosquito Slobber

It all boils down to bug spit. Seriously. Most humans are allergic to mosquito saliva. When a mosquito stops by for a snack, it injects a small amount of saliva into the skin which contains an anticoagulant to prevent clots while it fills up on your blood.

 The mosquito spit also contains a protein that is a numbing agent, which is why we rarely catch the little suckers in the biting act! It is only after the mosquito has finished feeding does our body react to the foreign substances left behind in the bug’s saliva, the anticoagulant and the protein.

 Fun Fact: Mosquitoes have a nerve inside their bodies that signal when they are full. If this nerve were to malfunction, then the mosquito would drink until it bursts from overeating! (And no, you cannot make a mosquito explode by flexing your muscles while it is biting you).


Itch & Scratch

So why the itch and what to do? Like any foreign irritant entering your body, your immune system produces histamines to fight the toxins at the bite site (a.k.a. an allergic reaction). Histamines cause your blood vessels to dilate, causing fluid buildup (the bump) which in turn creates the itch. When used immediately after an insect bites you, the Bug Bite Thing suction tool effectively removes the saliva containing the anticoagulant/protein irritants before your body has time to release the itch-inducing histamines.

The no cream, no chemical, reusable, eco & kid-friendly Bug Bite Thing suction tool provides instant itch relief by removing what causes the unpleasant symptoms of insect bites rather than masking them. If used immediately after being bit, Bug Bite Thing tremendously reduces itching, stinging, swelling, and burning around the bite site. It’s not only effective on mosquito bites, but also with biting flies, wasp stings, bee stings, ant bites, and it even can be used to remove foreign objects like splinters.

So what’s the best way to fight itchy mosquito bites? Beat them at their own game with the power of sucking! Stop being bothered by insect bites and stings and be ready to suck the spit right out! Share some of your victories over the vampiric blood-sucking mosquito armies by tagging us @bugbitething in your photos on InstagramFacebookTikTok and Twitter.



Scratching a mosquito bite 

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