How to Plan a Special Day with Grandchildren

As your grandchildren continue to grow, so do their memories and expectations at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Here is a helpful list of activities and tips to make the most out of your cherished time together.

Make a Plan:

Chances are you and your grandchildren have both been looking forward to spending some special time together. One of the best ways to make an enjoyable day is to plan ahead.
Ask Parents About Their Schedule: It is always a good idea to get a general idea of your grandkids current schedule. Do they still nap? What times do they normally eat? Any new bathroom habits I need to know about? Remember, children’s habits and behaviors change often and this will help you recognize any unfamiliar behavior you may be experiencing throughout your special day.

Food: Again, leave this one up to the parents. Ask them about any new food habits, foods you should prepare and stock up on, drinks and portion sizes. The last thing you want is for your special day to be ruined from an upset stomach or sugar overload!

Activities: Whether you are spending a fun filled day at home, or embarking on an ambitious trip to the zoo, have some fun activities in mind beforehand so you can make the most out of your day together.

Prepare: Lock up any chemicals, cleaners, or fragile objects in your home or place them out of reach. Update your first aid kit in case of an accidental scraped knee or arm. If you will be outside during the warmer months, make sure to have a Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool handy to give your grandchildren instant relief from bug bites & bee/wasp stings. 


Activities for Home

Do you want a low-key fun day at home to bond with your grandchild? Here is a list of fun, easy-to-do activities right in the comfort of your own home.

Nail painting: Nothing compares to a day of pampering at Grandma Ellen’s Spa! Here is an easy, WASHABLE, non toxic nail polish that is made just for children. Best part is, it is odorless and can peel right off! Prim & Pure Nail Polish

Laundry Basket Skee Ball: Dump out your laundry baskets for this fun and easy to create indoor arcade game! View the full tutorial at Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls

Ice Chalk: Cool off in the heat while creating works of art! This ice chalk recipe will have your grandkids playing for hours!

Funfetti Playdough: Skip baking cupcakes and cookies and make this edible sprinkle playdough. With just two simple ingredients, your grandchildren will have fun making special memories with you.

    Mini Magic Garden: Have your grandkids take on this whimsical project, and watch their imagination take off! All you need are a few simple ingredients, and a little creativity.

      A Special Day Out

      Want to get out of the house? Here is a list of ideas of fun things to do!
      The Zoo: One of the most magical things to witness is watching your grandchild light up when they see a monkey swinging from a tree or the long neck of a giraffe. Here is a master list of all of the Zoo’s in the U. S.
      The Movies: Going to see their favorite character on the big screen can be so exciting! Make sure you are prepared from buying tickets in advance to bringing an extra sweater. See a list of great tips for taking the kids to the movies here.
      Bowling: With bumpers available for all ages, bowling can be a blast with your Grandchildren. Call ahead to see if they have any designated family times, or even a kid friendly disco night!
      Park: No matter how many times you may have already taken them to the park, it will always be a one of their favorite things to do. If you go during the warmer months when bugs are present, make sure you throw your Bug Bite Thing in your travel bag so a bite or sting doesn’t ruin your time together.


        What are some of your favorite activities you do with your Grandchildren? Let us know in the comments!

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