How to Ruin a Family Vacation in Seconds

You’ve scrimped and saved, made all the travel arrangements, and survived the daily “Is it time for our vacation yet?” from your kids. You’ve finally arrived at the Theme Park. Everything is going great! The kids aren’t fighting. You and your spouse aren’t fighting! Everyone is having a blast.

Then it happens. The dreaded “Ow!” followed by a flood of tears. Rushing over to survey the damage, you see a nasty red spot swelling before your eyes on little Sophia’s arm, as she scratches like mad to try and alleviate the pain and itching from the insect bite—to no avail. During the next few days, over-the-counter creams and sprays are proving to be largely ineffective: the damage from the insect saliva, poison or venom continues. Sophia is uncomfortable, little Ethan is impatient and mom and dad have started bickering and consider cutting the trip short.

You should have used Bug Bite Thing, clinically proven to quickly and effectively remove the toxin beneath the skin's surface, providing immediate relief. 

Using a powerful, manual suction pump, Bug Bite Thing immediately extracts insect toxins naturally, without the use of chemicals or needles—just suction. This ancient medical extraction technique works in minutes, on bites and stings from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders, black flies, hornets, ants & other biting insects. It is painless, kid-friendly, reusable and easy to operate. Its compact size fits nicely into a pocket, first aid kit, glove compartment or travel bag. 

Never let insects ruin your fun again. Make sure to pick up your Bug Bite Thing today!


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