I'm a Mom on a Mission...

From our Founder: 

People ask me all of the time how I got involved with Bug Bite Thing and why I am so passionate about the product. Well, the truth is I am one of those unfortunate people who truly suffers from bug bites.

If I am standing in a group with 20 other people, I am the one that gets bit 10 times while no one else gets a single bite. That's not even an exaggeration. They love me. Then those bites turn into 3 days of maddening itching, swelling and pain. I would apply (and reapply) massive amounts of creams on my skin just for the itching to come right back. Like many of you, I had tried every over the counter product, oil and crazy trick/remedy I read, in hopes of getting some type of relief.

What made my situation harder to deal with was learning that my first-born daughter inherited my 'mosquito magnet' blood. I felt helpless not being able to give her relief. The creams would burn her freshly scratched bites, and my attempts at icing them more than 1 minute at a time were failing. I knew that one bite for her would turn into DAYS of pain and discomfort, and there was nothing I could do but let it "run its course".

So...how does this Bug Bite Thing work you ask? Quick lesson - It is our own body creating the terrible reaction (itching & swelling) to the saliva/venom so graciously left behind by an insect. The Bug Bite Thing works by removing the irritant, so your body stops producing that reaction. You are now eliminating the problem at its source versus masking it. A real solution to avoid having to let bug bites or bee & wasp stings "run their course".

For me, it's not about selling a product. I was you. I have lived in your shoes and felt your frustration. I am now a Mom on a Mission to let everyone know that there is a better, all-natural way to get permanent relief from insect bites & stings.

*Bug Bite Thing is a family owned and operated company. We back our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so there is absolutely no risk to try it.*

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