Introducing Our New Line of Travel Bags

It all started with a comment.

One of our loyal customers reached out, telling us it would be great if there was a way to keep their Bug Bite Thing® tool clean and prevent the cap from popping off when they throw it in their purse. 

That got our gears turning. How could we offer our customers a stylish and practical option to carry their favorite suction tool?

Introducing our new line of travel bags! These lightweight, stylish travel bags come in a variety of patterns so you can always keep your Bug Bite Thing® clean and contained on the go!

From the very beginning our customers have driven everything we have done. You are the reason we have made product improvements and created new accessories. We feel incredibly lucky to have such an incredible Bug Bite Thing® family. Keep the ideas coming! We WANT to hear from you, we promise you will never bug us!

Want to see a new bag created with your favorite theme? Give us your ideas below!

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