Bug Bite Thing Lands Down Under: Now in Australia!

Bug Bite Thing Lands Down Under: Now in Australia!

Pro Spring is in full swing in Australia and as the weather warms up, people plan to spend more time outdoors. Whether camping, bushwalking or just having a BBQ in the backyard, mosquitoes will feast on unsuspecting “Maussies”, A.K.A. “Mosquito-Attracting Aussies.”

If you know anything about Bug Bite Thing, we can’t leave our friends of Oz hanging, so we’re headed down under with our painless suction tool that helps to relieve the itch and swelling of mosquito bites in adults and children.

Biologist and Leading Insect Expert Shares Insights on Mosquito Behaviour
Biologist and Leading Insect Expert Shares Insights on Mosquito Behaviour

A recent survey conducted by Bug Bite Thing revealed that a massive 73% of Australians consider themselves to be “Maussies.” According to this study, 53% of Australians believe that body heat, sweat and body odor make someone irresistible to mosquitos, whereas 30% believe blood type plays a factor, and only 10% think the amount of carbon dioxide a person expels determines whether mosquitoes will be attracted to them.

Ellie Sursara, a Wildlife Scientist and Bug Bite Thing Ambassador, commented on the fascinating world of mosquitoes and why some Australians are more prone to bites than others.

"Mosquitoes are highly selective in their choice of humans," said Ellie. "It’s a common misconception that blood type, body odor or even the foods you eat are what make you most attractive to mosquitos, however, the correct answer is the levels of carbon dioxide that you emit that puts you most at risk of receiving a bite. Understanding mosquito behaviour in greater detail can help you to take proactive steps to reduce your attractiveness to mosquitoes and enjoy the warmer months even more.”

Bug Bite Thing Launches in Australia
Bug Bite Thing Launches in Australia

Bug Bite Thing recently launched in Australia to help Maussies combat mosquito season. Bug Bite Thing is completely toxin-free, unlike other mosquito bite relief products on the market. It went viral in the U.S. and sold more than 5 million units after appearing on the TV show, “Shark Tank,” on ABC. The reusable, TGA-approved tool uses suction around the bite area to alleviate symptoms such as itching, swelling and pain from mosquito bites in adults and children older than 3 years of age. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated rather than masked.

Bug Bite Thing is perfect for families that enjoy an active lifestyle. Small and compact, it’s great to take along on camping trips and holidays. It is also beneficial for bushwalking, sailing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

“My family recently relocated to Queensland from Western Australia, and mosquitoes are such a huge problem up here. My kids are 8 and 5, and they love playing outdoors, so I’m keen to try this chemical-free, painless suction tool as it seems like a more holistic way to find relief for the itch and swelling of mosquito bites”, said Natasha Lay, a Queensland-based mum of two, who plans to use the Bug Bite Thing this spring and summer.

Tips to Minimize Mosquito Encounters in Warmer Seasons

Bug Bite Thing Ambassador, Ellie, also offers some valuable tips for Australians looking to minimize mosquito encounters this spring and summer:
Wear Light-Colored Clothing
1. Wear Light-Coloured Clothing: Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours. Opt for light-coloured clothing to reduce your visibility to these pests.
Eliminate Standing Water
2. Eliminate Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Regularly empty containers, such as flowerpots and gutters, to eliminate breeding sites.
Install Screens
3. Install Screens: Use screens on doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out of your living spaces.
Bug Bite Thing
4. Bug Bite Thing: Keep Bug Bite Thing within handy reach for quick and effective relief from mosquito bites. Its painless suction action reduces itching and swelling in fresh mosquito bites.
“We're very excited to be launching Bug Bite Thing to Australia this season", says Ellie. "The device has already garnered widespread acclaim in the United States having been brought to market by a mum-and-daughter duo, and we're confident it will provide much-needed relief to 'Maussies' across the country.”

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