Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Support Other Moms

What does mom really want for Mother’s Day? No one knows better what a mama wants for her special day than one who does the 24/7 job herself. This year, the women behind Bug Bite Thing are sharing a few of our picks that are founded by moms, for moms.

Whether the mother figure in your life has been nonstop caring for her children at home, working outside the house to keep others safe, or has to rely on FaceTiming her adult “kids” from afar these last few weeks, there are ways to show you care. Our Mother’s Day gift guide covers a range of ideas across various interests. Many of them are fellow “Shark Tank” participants and none of them require a trip to the store. But the best part about presenting these items to the moms in your life? Purchasing these products also supports the real-life mamas behind the brands.

Here are our Mother’s Day picks for the…

  1. …Mother who doesn’t want to miss a minute: Qeepsake
    Traditional baby books are well-intentioned, but in an era where thousands of photos are at our finger tips – and a printer is not – they are not practical for everyone. The parents of five children, Stephanie and Jeff McNeil, understood how difficult it is keep up with journaling and instead found a way to use technology to their advantage. Their service, Qeepsake, uses simple text messages to store those precious notes and milestones, both digitally and via printed books. It also includes prompted daily questions about your child, which serve as reminders to add entries. A Qeepsake membership is the perfect gift for the mom who wants to remember these moments with her child forever, but is so busy making memories she may not have time to capture them otherwise.

    Photo credit: Qeepsake

  2. …Parent in need of a mommy-and-me spa day: Prim & Pure
    This is a gift your little ones will love to give their mama since they benefit from it too! This mom-designed, non-toxic makeup brand creates the ultimate guilt-free, at-home pampering session since the plant-based ingredients are totally free of harmful chemicals. While Prim & Pure products were formulated with little faces in mind, they are enjoyed by mothers and kids alike (trust us on this one, as one of us is wearing this fruit and veggie nail polish while writing this!). Plus, the mom-in-chief, Kelli Jackson, also recently launched a line of Prim & Pure high pigment lip glosses in 14 sophisticated (but still fun!) shades that were designed for women…and still purely organic and paraben-free, of course.

    Photo Credit: Prim & Pure

  3. …Mama who wears her heart on her sleeve (or wrist!): Alexandra Gioia Jewelry
    Let’s face it, wearing a piece of jewelry that signifies motherhood is basically a rite of passage. Tailoring it to the mother figure in your life, however, is not always easy. For this job, we turn to mama-owned-and-designed pieces by Alexandra Gioia Handcrafted Jewelry. In addition to an array of treasures from dainty earrings to statement necklaces, Alexandra Amelio also hand-beads beautiful bracelets in pastels that feature words like “Mama,” “love” or “warrior.” To personalize it even more, she also creates custom options with a child’s name, baby’s first word or any other 10-letter note you can imagine! Each order arrives in a gorgeous pale pink velvet pouch, so you can skip the gift wrap with this present.

    Photo credit: Alexandra Gioia Jewelry

  4. …Lady who lounges: Lady/Lay Collection
    If moms need anything, it’s some rest and relaxation. Since gifting sleep is not necessarily possible, the next best thing is luxury loungewear. Fellow mother of two, Jenny Der, and her business partner, Amy Anisgarten, designed their pieces for those who want to be comfy and stylish at the same time. These collections are practically made for work-from-home, stay-at-home, and finally-get-to-hang-at-home moms, but are still polished enough for coffee dates and errands. P.S. It is rumored that Duchess Meghan Markle gifted the women at her bachelorette party with Lady/Lay French terry robes (including Duchess Kate Middleton), and if it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for us!

    Photo credit: Lady/Lay Collection

  5. …New mom who needs a helping hand: Ava the Elephant
    Rarely is the best gift for a mother one that is used by her baby, but Ava the Elephant is a major exception. This adorable singing elephant is actually a medicine dispenser in disguise, which makes a typically stressful situation a whole lot easier for everyone involved. The product, designed by fellow mom, Tiffany Krumins, eases the burden for new parents caring for their sick children. Though it may not be the normal go-to Mother’s Day gift, Ava the Elephant is one the mama will thank you for each time her family comes in contact with germs. 

    Photo credit: Ava the Elephant

  6. …Mama who wants some “me time”: Spatty
    This seemingly small and simple tool is the ideal mate for a Mother’s Day care package that fits your recipient’s interests. Gifting this mom her favorite face oils or serums? How about new paint for her home renovation hobbies? Or some sweet snacks like Nutella or homemade jams? Spatty makes a great pair for any of these presents since the multipurpose instrument helps scoop every last drop out of containers. There are a few different options for this tiny last-drop spatula, so choose the one that is right for this mama to enjoy literally all that you are giving her this year. 

    Photo credit: Spatty

  7. …Mom who deserves a vacation: Raising Wild
    Even if it’s just to the local beach or the backyard, there’s a good chance this mom could use a vacation right about now. Gift her something sure to keep her cool and cute as she gets the chance to bathe in the sun and shade. Designed by sisters-turned-moms, Kara Haught and Rachelle Hyde, these super stylish swimsuits come in a range of silhouettes intended to encourage comfort, confidence and um, coverage. The high-quality suits are incredibly flattering and the collections include buttery fabrics, lovely color palates, nursing-friendly features and matching kids’ designs to make them the ultimate mama-approved swimwear. 

    Photo credit: Raising Wild

  8. …Beach babe: ShowNo
    As a parent, convenience is hard to come by during a trip to the beach or pool. Mothers not only have to remember dozens of items to pack, but then find a way to carry it all. The ShowNo four-in-one towel solves a big part of the space problem. Serving as a beach towel, cover-up, changing towel and bath towel, it can be thrown over a bathing suit before being laid out for a day in the sun. Like many of the other gift ideas on our list, ShowNo was created by a mom, Shelly Ehler, with her kids in mind, but has since sparked into products for adults to use too, so it can be given solo or with a mommy-and-me option. 

    Photo credit: ShowNo

  9. …Green queen: Stasher bags
    In theory, this one is for the eco-conscious mamas, but in reality, everyone seems to love this no-waste Mother’s Day gift idea: a set of Stasher bags. Founded by Kat Nouri, a mom originally seeking a healthier, more sustainable way to pack her kids’ snacks, these expertly designed bags go beyond the lunch box. At first, it might seem strange to give a silicone version of a Ziploc bag for Mother’s Day, but these reusable, plastic-free storage bags are this year’s hottest kitchen accessory. The latest “tropical” color collection makes the bags even more appealing to receive, and the bags double as cosmetic cases, craft supply storage and travel companions. Choose a set, roll them up and tie them with a bow made from compostable hemp, and this gift is ready to go. 

    Photo credit: Stasher

  10. …Adventuring mom: Bug Bite Thing
    Moms never stop. From backyard barbecues and pool hangs, to neighborhood bicycle rides and woodsy treks, spring and summer seasons bring non-stop outdoor activities for kids…and their mothers, of course. For mosquito magnets like our founder, Kelley Higney, there’s no better gift than a Bug Bite Thing. By gifting this little suction device, you’re also giving a sense of comfort every time she walks out the door for another adventure. With it, she will be able to enjoy these moments more, knowing she has the ability to relieve the itching, pain or swelling that comes along with the pesky insects who wish to join her and her children on those special walks and bike rides. 

    Photo credit: Bug Bite Thing

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