What Do You Need for an Awesome Senior Trip?

Your teen's graduation should be celebrated with a trip worthy of the accomplishment. Before you send your child off on this classic rite of passage, it is important to make sure that he or she is prepared and informed. Here are three things that you need to consider for an awesome senior trip.

Safety First

Before you start planning the small details of the senior trip adventure, it is critical that your teen understands the importance of putting safety at the forefront of the trip. Some good rules to follow include always traveling in pairs and never going out alone. It is also a good idea to send somebody in the travel party with a fully stocked first aid kit. Teaching your child some basic first aid will help should somebody in the group suffer a minor injury, such as a cut. Before your group leaves, be sure that they all have a designated time to check in with their parents each day so that you can keep tabs on them and be alerted if something feels amiss. If they’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, make sure they have a way to treat bug bites. This is where a Bug Bite Thing could come in handy!


After the rules for safety have been established, you can begin discussing budgeting issues. You do not want your teen to run into money problems on his or her trip. In addition to carrying a major credit card, he or she should also have a small amount of cash for tips and other places in which cards are not accepted. The group also needs to make sure that they have their transportation needs nailed down. You have to be a certain age to rent a car, and it can vary based on state. For travelers of this age, public transportation is usually the safest and most economical choice.

Rough Itinerary

While you want to have a certain amount of flexibility built into the trip, it is also important to have a rough itinerary in place before setting off on the senior trip adventure. Not only will this provide a guiding framework for the trip, but it will also eliminate the potential issues that may arise when a large travel party cannot agree on the day's activities. This basic itinerary is especially important if traveling to a big city or an area that sees a lot of tourists.

With the right planning and research, this last blowout will surely be a trip to remember. Making sure that they are properly prepared for the trip will help them to have a much better time. This is a special season in your teenager's life, so be sure to make it count with memories to last a lifetime.

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