What Should Moms Have in Their Holistic Health First Aid Kit?

There are so many different benefits that come with using holistic medicine rather than traditional western medicine. Whether you’re dealing with a headache or something far more severe like chronic pain, there are a number of different holistic remedies that you can try. While prescription medications from your doctor can be effective, they often come with some unpleasant side effects like stomach discomfort, insomnia, and addiction. Most moms like to pay close attention to what goes into their children’s bodies. If you have a holistic first aid kit, there are some items that are very smart investments. They will apply to many different ailments. Let’s take a look.

The Basics

There are some common items that you should have in a first aid kit, whether you are stocking up on holistic remedies or not. Have a variety of different band-aids in your kit. You should have something for something as small as a paper cut and something for large wounds as well. You can also have gauze and other wound dressing items on hand. Splints in a variety of sizes are beneficial for injuries. Bandage wraps, medical tape, alcohol pads and other types of bandaging are the most common items to have in your kit. You should make sure that these items are replaced every so often to make sure they are in good condition. You should also have a holistic remedy for bug bites, such as the Bug Bite Thing, which can suck the venom or saliva out of bug bites without using any chemicals.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is purified water that you can use for a variety of purposes. It can be used to clean out a baby bottle. It can also be used to wash out a cut or a scrape if you aren’t near a bathroom. You might not want to use this water if it has been sitting in your vehicle or cabinet for a number of months, but an unopened bottle of distilled water will hold up for many months in case you need it for something.


Essential oils and other herbal tinctures can be beneficial from the inside out and also topically. Lavender is a very common essential oil that works as a disinfectant, antiseptic and pain reliever. It also has antihistamine properties. CBD is an oil that has become very popular in recent years and has replaced every other method that was previously used in place of tradition medication. Cannabinoids can assist with inflammation, pain, anxiety, stomach discomfort and so much more. CBD has shown some anti-inflammation properties that could be useful for aches and pains. You can take it orally or apply it right to an affected area.

Nux Vomica

If you are looking to treat an upset stomach in an adult or a child, you can choose to use Nux Vomica tinctures at the recommended dose for the patient’s age and weight. It can work for stomach illnesses, gas, bloating and general pain. Make sure that you follow all directions if you are going to be administering this product to someone.


Ledum is a natural product that can be used to help clean, disinfect and treat wounds, burns, and itching. It will help keep the area clean, it will promote faster healing and it will decrease any itch that is present. Ledum also has the potential to prevent infection.

It’s important that you start out by making a list of all the items you want to add to your first aid kit. Many holistic products don’t contain preservatives or artificial ingredients that will extend their shelf life. Make sure that these holistic-based items are replaced every year or so in order to keep them effective and fresh.

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