3 Suggestions for Prepping Your Yard for Summer

The rewards of getting your yard ready for the summer season can be seen in yards up and down your street. You might be jealous of your neighbors’ full, green lawns. But there’s no need to fear if your yard isn’t quite up to par yet. Here are a couple of steps you can take to ensure that your yard will look its best this year so you can keep up with the Joneses.

Aerate Your Lawn

Make sure to aerate your lawn. The main reason that aerating your lawn is important is that the small holes that you poke into the ground create room for air, water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. Just from using your lawn regularly, compaction can occur below the grass level that prevents this necessary circulation. Another big cause of compacted soil beneath the grass is harsh winter weather. You can always aerate your lawn yourself. It could even be fun to get the kids or grandkids a pair of aerating shoe attachments and let them have fun poking holes in the yard as they run around. There are also machines you can purchase or rent to do the job. Or you could turn to landscape professionals and save yourself a lot of work.

Consider Artificial Turf

Artificial turf holds up against summer heat better than natural grass, allowing homeowners to have a beautiful, green lawn that never yellows or browns. Artificial turf has come a long way since its beginnings, and you might be pleasantly surprised that it can look just as green, vibrant, and alive as real grass.

Turning to this choice will require a bit of an investment at the beginning; however, you won't have to mow it regularly, water it, fertilize it, or really care for it much at all. It can even help with bug control since bugs aren't naturally attracted to it like they are to real grass.

Use a Fertilizer Containing Weed Killer

If you choose to keep your natural grass, select a quality fertilizer with weed killer in it as well. The fertilizer will help your grass grow green and beautiful while the included weed killer will keep the dandelions at bay. Be sure to choose a product that is safe for any other plants you may have in the yard, such as trees or flowerbeds.

Whether you choose natural grass or artificial, summer is the time to get out there and enjoy the warm sun in your yard. These are just a few ideas to help you create a beautiful yard with lush, green grass that you can enjoy day in and day out.

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