Haunted Halloween DIYs to Dress up Your Home and Holiday

If you’ve been following along here, you know how excited we are for the fall season. Yes, it’s mainly because mosquitoes are supposed to slow down (though we’re not sure anyone has told them yet, especially in Ventura County, California), but Halloween is a high point on our list, too.

The holiday may look a little different for some this year, so it’s time to get creative. From Halloween home décor to alternative ways to collect candy, we pulled together a list of five easy projects for even the most novice do-it-yourself-ers.

Easy Halloween DIY Crafts and Designs

  1. Haunted Birds Porch
    Décor If your kids are anything like mine, they pick up every stick possible while out on neighborhood walks. Now we have a growing pile of wood and it’s time to put those branches to good use!

    Don’t have children? We’re guessing you’ll still love this Birds-themed Halloween décor as a throwback to the Hitchcock horror film. Or, crack up your friends as you pose in front of it as Moira Rose in your costume straight out of The Crows Have Eyes III from “Schitt’s Creek.”

    Whatever your reason for the porch display, the project itself is easy to complete. Grab the largest branches you can find and either keep their natural color or spray paint them black. Next, use a hot glue gun or fishing line to attach some fake crows to the sticks.

    Next, lean or hang the branches around your porch. You can secure them with more fishing line if the wind might be more of a foe than friend. Get inspired by Create.Craft.Love’s tutorial and add some black and white pumpkins to the mix. The result is a sophisticated yet spine-chilling twist on the traditional Halloween yard display of ghosts and goblins.

    Spooky birds porch decorations; photo credit Create.Craft.Love.
    Spooky porch decor by Create.Craft.Love

  2. Skeleton Party Trunk-or-Treat
    We’re all about switching things up this year. A trunk-or-treat is a fun way to celebrate Halloween outdoors, both for those handing out candy and those receiving it.

    Go beyond the “trunk” with your setup and create a spooky skeleton party throughout that can be viewed from every angle. Set up skeletons inside with funky hats, sunglasses and accessories. Add a skeleton dog in the trunk as an extra road trip buddy and then wrap the car in faux spiderwebs. Put the finishing touches on your space by adding a candy “graveyard” around the car for children to find their treats amongst the tombstones.

    To decrease any real-life horrors, be sure to bring a Bug Bite Thing with you since insects seem to hover on Halloween.

    Skeleton Party Trunk-or-Treat

  3. Ghost Piñata
    Think piñatas are only for birthdays? Think again! Halloween activities may be more limited than usual this year, so an undead piñata can liven up the party – no matter how big or small – by bringing treats back into the mix.

    This DIY ghost piñata guide from Make + Tell does not require papier-mâché, making it much easier to create than its messier counterparts. All you need is a paper lantern, crepe paper, construction paper, tape, scissors and a little patience.

    Now for the best part: the fillers! For kids, candy is a must-have, of course. It’s Halloween, after all! Small toys like spider rings, glow necklaces, stamps, stickers and sticky-hands can be fun additions. For a 21+ event, don’t skip the candy, but add in adult treats like mini bottles of booze and mixers, dollar bills, Halloween hair accessories, bottle openers, coffee pods, scratch-off lottery tickets and a handful of Bug Bite Thing suction tools (trust us, your guests will thank you).

    DIY ghost pinata

  4. Spiderweb Glassware
    Halloween is not just for kids, so put those adult piñata fillers to work in some ghoulish glassware.

    To design your own glasses that will spruce up any wicked-good cocktail, choose a cup with a smooth finish on the outside. Following the instructions from Sarah Hearts, add some black tape in a spiderweb pattern to give it a subtle look that is perfect for an elegant and eerie evening. Don’t forget to skip her step of first wiping the outside of the glass with rubbing alcohol, which cleans it and makes the design more durable.

    Spiderweb glassware by Sarah Hearts
    Spiderweb glassware by Sarah Hearts

  5. Donut Monsters
    If you need to contribute to a last-minute Halloween party or just want to make someone’s day with a sweet surprise, donut monsters are the way to go. They are so simple to make, it’s almost scary.

    With a dozen donuts, toy vampire teeth and chocolate chips, it only takes a few minutes to put together a delicious treat that will have everyone crawling back for more. Simply pop the fangs in the middle, top them with some chocolate chips for eyes and you’ll have some creepy yet cute monsters staring back at you.

    Donut monsters

What are your favorite Halloween creations? Share your favorites with us in the comments below. If you crave additional ideas, check out our fall DIYs for even more festive fun.

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