Halloween Safety Tips: Protect Yourself and Your Kids this Haunted Holiday

Halloween is almost here! We’ve brewed up plenty of fall content to get you in the seasonal spirit, but now we’re here to get a little serious on safety so you can have your best – and eeriest – experience ever.

Check out our top tips for Halloween safety and protection below, then circle back with us here in the comments and on social media to share your spooky stories and frightful photos.

6 Ways to Protect Your Family and Friends on Halloween:

  1. Choose the activity that is best for you.
    It’s no surprise that this year’s festivities may seem a little different than usual. However, in Florida, many of us who are old enough (I’m dating myself!) may remember putting a halt on nighttime trick-or-treating one year as kids when there was a high risk of encephalitis thanks to – you guessed it – those pesky mosquitoes.

    While mosquitoes may not be this year’s biggest nightmare, it’s still ok to alter your plans to whatever works for you. Whether a no-touch neighborhood trick-or-treat session is on your list, or you’re opting for an outdoor snacks-and-scary movie night, we urge you to celebrate in a way that matches your own comfort, as well as the safety of others around you.

  2. Make yourself visible when outdoors.
    If you’re strolling the streets for candy or partying with other ghouls that could encounter vehicles, make sure you can be seen. There are so many options for glow necklaces, blinking wands, reflective stickers and light-up toys for candy buckets, that there is no excuse not to protect yourself. On the other hand, if you will be the driver on Halloween, be aware of your surroundings and pay even closer attention than usual for pedestrians.

    Trick-or-treat bucket with glow stick

  3. Protect everyone from bugs.
    Those ghastly bugs just won’t leave us alone! We wish mosquitoes would have left with the summer months, but it seems they are hanging around this year. Keep arms and legs covered if you or your children are extra sensitive to bites. Be sure to have your Bug Bite Thing handy if you are planning to spend any time outside. This could mean keeping the suction device in a kids’ trunk-or-treat bag for easy access on your walk, leaving one on the table for guests during an outdoor costume party, or having it in your back pocket during new Halloween activities like corn mazes and glow-in-the-dark egg hunts.

    Girl dressed as witch using a Bug Bite Thing on Halloween

  4. Keep an extra eye on kids.
    We love some good adult fun on Halloween, but let’s face it, this holiday is all about the kids. It’s especially important to keep watch of children this year. A few key tips include: walking together and being aware of traffic, instructing older children to stick together in groups in well-lit areas, and making sure they understand they should never go inside a stranger’s house or car.

    Dad and daughter trick-or-treating

  5. Keep everything clean.
    This is something that should probably be mentioned every year, but it is helpful to keep hand sanitizer along for your Halloween activities. From trick-or-treating to pumpkin patch visits, adults and children are likely to come in contact with some germs, so be prepared to keep your hands and personal items as clean as possible on your adventures.

  6. Wait to taste the treats at home.
    This should probably be rule #1, and 2020 is not the year to be ‘lax on this rule. Rather than digging into the candy bag right away, bring everything home, wash your hands and trash anything that may have opened along the ride or was not pre-packaged. We promise it will taste just as good after your event!

We are so excited to take in Halloween and all its creepiness this year and hope you are too! We wish everyone the safest – and spookiest – All Hallows’ Eve yet.

If you bring your Bug Bite Thing with you along for your trick-or-treats, trunk-or-treats and Halloween egg hunts, please share your photos with us using the hashtag, #SavedByBugBiteThing, and tagging @bugbitething on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, plus get even more autumn ideas on Pinterest.

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