Hot Off the Grill: 6 Tips for a Sizzling Summer BBQ

Hot Off the Grill: 6 Tips for a Sizzling Summer BBQ

Hello, sunshine. With temperatures rising and Memorial Day weekend coming up, we expect to see groups of families and friends getting together for the ultimate summer gathering: the BBQ. From the backyard to the beach, the Bug Bite Thing team loves a good grill-out. To prep you for the season, we pooled our team for their top tips to freshen up outdoor events.

Give your grill a glow-up
Give your grill a glow-up.

If you haven’t given your grill much attention lately, it’s time to give it a quick checkup. Look for signs of rust and pests, as well as check the fuel lines on gas grills or remove debris from charcoal grills. Use a brass grill brush and a baking soda/vinegar soak for your grates, or replace them if they’re rusty. Upgrade your tools, if needed, and always top it off with a fun apron to serve as the ultimate grill master.

Lay it all out on the lawn
Lay it all out on the lawn.

Cornhole, horseshoes and bocce are classic games for grilling out, but it will be a blast for kids and adults if you incorporate giant versions of games you already know, like a Connect 4-inspired game or BasketPong, along the lawn.

Perfect your playlist
Perfect your playlist.

Music makes it a vibe. Use an app like Spotify to set the mood, either by choosing a pre-set playlist like this Feel Good Summer or Summer Party list, or by creating your own. Have it ready to go when guests arrive and keep the volume at a background noise level to keep everyone chatting yet entertained. But if you’re feeling an impromptu dance party, we’re not here to stop you from turning it up!

Beware of bugs
Beware of bugs.

There’s not much that can damper a summer BBQ, but insects often want to join the party, too. You may not always be able to tell them to bugger off, but you can keep your meal protected from flies with mesh food tents, which make a great gift for hosts. Pair them with a few Bug Bite Thing suction tools for bites and stings, in case anyone gets a little too close to any ant, mosquito or bee.

Serve sips that sparkle
Serve sip that sparkle.

Whether you’re hosting or just don’t want to show up empty-handed, step up your beverage game with some sparkly sips. Swirl a touch of Brew Glitter into a signature summer cocktail - or mocktail - that matches the party decor to make it one guests won’t forget.

Keep things hot with your dessert
Keep things hot with your dessert.

Popsicles are great, but since the grill is already hot, why not add some heat to your dessert? Top grilled watermelon, pineapple or peaches with vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet, or opt to soften a s’mores pizza over the coals.

And for our final bonus tip, keep it safe, friends! For more advice on setting up an event for success, check out our post on 4th of July safety, much of which also applies to other outdoor parties on Memorial Day weekend and beyond, and don’t forget to stock up on your Big Bite Thing tools here.

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