Bug Bite Thing Launches a New Color and Feature in Time for Holiday Gifting

If you are a fellow mosquito magnet like our founder, you could benefit from having a Bug Bite Thing in every nook and cranny. The medicine cabinet, purse, glove compartment, diaper bag, first-aid kit and even the kids’ sports bags are likely all familiar with the small suction tool, because you never know when an insect is going to strike.

Even if you’re the biggest proponent of the Bug Bite Thing and its bite and sting relief, there is one place you probably don’t have it yet: on your keychain. Well, that is about to change!

Black Bug Bite Thing on keychain

This month, Bug Bite Thing is launching a new version of the tool that includes a handy keyring holder so it never has to leave your side when you leave the house. And now for the best part … it’s coming in a sleek new color.

New black Bug Bite Thing

Available on Black Friday, the launch of the black Bug Bite Thing comes just in time for holiday gifting. At $10.95, it’s a great stocking stuffer for parents, teachers, coaches, co-workers, grandparents, babysitters, party hosts and everyone on your list. To make it even more exciting and accessible, stay tuned for a special Black Friday sale we will announce next Friday, Nov. 20.

Like the original game-changing tool, this chic update uses suction to extract the insect saliva or venom to alleviate itching, stinging and swelling. In addition to the keychain holder, it has all of the key features Bug Bite Thing fans love, including the stinger scraper and the reversible cap for smaller spots that may need a little extra support.

As always, the black Bug Bite Thing is 100 percent reusable, making it a sustainable, chemical-free gift for family, friends and yourself! Because yes, we think a new color is a great reason to add a new one to your bunch.

Bug Bite Thing relief for hiking

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  • Linda Vono

    I placed an order for 6 on August 5, 2020 and they were delivered on August 13, 2020. Very fast delivery and I love how easy they work. I’ve always been a magnet for mosquitoes, so this was a godsend. Gave one to my granddaughter, who mosquitoes like to bite, and she was excited to see it work too. Thanks for a great product.

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